Grace on Shabri, Navadha Bhakti Preaching and Departure towards Pampasar

Grace on Shabri, Navadha Bhakti Preaching and Departure towards Pampasar:

The benevolent Shri Ramji gave speed to him and went to Shabriji’s ashram. Shabriji saw Shri Ramachandraji come into the house, then he was happy after remembering the words of Muni Matangji.


Shabriji clutched at the feet of both handsome, soothed, and white brothers with lotus-like eyes and huge arms, a crown of jatas on the head, and a vanamala on the heart.

She was engrossed in love, word could not come out of her mouth. Repeatedly, the heads are appearing in the lotus. Then they took water and respectfully washed the feet of the two brothers and then made them sit on beautiful rugs.4
He brought extremely juicy and delicious tubers, origin and fruits and gave them to Shri Ramji. The Lord repeatedly praised and ate them with love.
Then she stood with folded hands. His love increased greatly upon seeing God. (He said-) How should I praise you? I am a very low-minded and extremely foolish.
Those who are unhappier than the least, women are extremely unhappy among them, and among them, O sinner! I am retarded. Mr. Raghunathji said- O Bhamini! Listen to me! I regard only one devotion.
Caste, caste, clan, religion, magnification, wealth, force, family, virtue and cleverness – despite all this, what does a human devoid of devotion feel like, like a waterless cloud (glorified).
I say to you my new devotion now. Be careful and listen and keep it in your mind. The first devotion is the satsang of saints. The second devotion is love in my story.
The third devotion is the service of the lotus feet of the Guru, without pride, and the fourth devotion is to leave the hypocrisy and sing to my virtues.
Chanting my (Rama) mantra and strong faith in me – this is the fifth devotion, which is famous in the Vedas. Sixth devotion is the grace of the senses, modesty (good nature or character), disinterest in a lot of actions, and persistence in the religion (conduct) of saintly men.
The seventh devotion is to see the whole world in me in a sense of affection and to believe the saints more than me. The eighth is devotion whatever is found, to be content with it and not to look for other faults even in the dream.
Ninth devotion is simple and insulting with all, trusting in my heart and no joy or sadness at any stage. Among these Navas, whoever has one, be it male or female, root-conscious – anyone.
Hey Bamini! I love him very much. Then you have all kinds of devotion in you. Therefore, the speed which is also rare for yogis, the same has become available for you today.
The ultimate unique fruit of my philosophy is that the organism attains its natural form. Hey Bamini! Now if you know some news of Gajagamini Janaki, then tell me.
(Shabari said-) O Raghunathji! Go to the lake named Pampa. You will be friendly with Sugriv there. Hey, God! Hey Raghuveer! He will tell you everything. O patient! Knowing you all ask me!
He narrated all the stories, including love, again and again at the feet of the Lord.
After telling all the stories, seeing the face of God, wearing his feet and taking his body from Yogagni (by burning), she got absorbed in that rare Haripada, from which there is no return. Tulsidasji says that many kinds of karma, unrighteousness and many opinions – all these are mourning, O men! Renounce them and believe and love at the feet of Shri Ramji.
Which was the birthplace of low caste and sins, even a woman who has freed, oh great mind! Do you forget such God and want happiness?
Sri Ramachandraji also left that forest and they went ahead. Both brothers are incomparable strongmen and similar to lions in humans. Like Prabhu Virhi, many stories and dialogues say -॥
Hey Laxman! Just look at the beauty of the forest. Who wouldn’t be upset seeing this? All groups of birds and animals are female. As if they are condemning me
On seeing us (when scared) the herds of deer start running, then the deer tell them – you have no fear. You are born with simple deer, so enjoy yourself. They have come to find gold deer.
Elephants take the elephants together. As if they teach me (that a woman should never be left alone). The scriptures contemplating well should also be kept watching over and over again. The king should not be tamed even after being well served.
And the woman may not be kept in the heart, but the young woman, the scriptures and the king do not belong to anyone. Hey Tat Look at this beautiful spring. Without Priya it is causing me fear.
Seeing me distraught, powerless and utterly alone, Cupid attacked the forest, eyebrows and birds with me.
But when his messenger saw that I am with brother (I am not alone), then after listening to him, Cupid, as if stopping the army and encamped it.
Many trees are bloated in many ways. As if there are many archers holding different bana (uniform). Somewhere beautiful trees are adorning. As if the warriors had separated and camped.
Cuckoos are getting cooled, as if the elephants are chigghed. Dhek and Mahod birds are like camels and mules. Peacock, chakor, parrot, pigeon and goose are all beautiful fresh (Arabic) horses.
Pheasants and quail are herds of foot soldiers. Kamadeva’s army cannot be described. The rocks of the mountains are chariots and waterfalls. Papihe are Bhat, which describes the virtue (Virudavali).
The buzzing of the eyebrows is bheri and shehnai. The cool, dull and fragrant air has brought the work of the messenger. In this way, with the Chaturangini army as Cupid, it has been a challenge for everyone.
Hey Laxman! Seeing this army of Kamdev, who remain patient, he has a reputation (among the brave) in the world. A woman of this cupid has a huge force. Whoever survives him is the best warrior.
Hey Tat Kama, anger and greed – these three are extremely evil. These ablutions of science make the minds of sages too angry in a moment.
Greed has the power of desire and strength, Kama has only the power of woman and anger has the hair of hard words, considering the best muni and saying so.
(Shiva says-) O Parvati! Shri Ramchandraji is Gunateti (beyond all three qualities), the lord of the grasping world and knows the difference of all. (By saying the above things) he has shown the lowliness (helplessness) of the Kami people and has strengthened the quietness in the minds of the dheer (prudent) men.
Anger, work, greed, item and maya – all of these are left at the mercy of Shri Ramji. The nut (Nataraja lord), on which the person is happy, does not forget that person in Indrajal (Maya).
Hey uma Let me tell you my experience – the hymn of Hari is true, this whole world is a dream (like a liar). Then Prabhu went to the beautiful and deep lake named Ramji Pampa.
Its water is as pure as the heart of saints. There are beautiful four ghats that defeat the mind. The animals are drinking water everywhere. As if there were crowds of petitions at the homes of generous donors!
The buzzing of the eyebrows is bheri and shehnai. The cool, dull and fragrant air has brought the work of the messenger. In this way, with the Chaturangini army as Cupid, it has been a challenge for everyone.
There is no early detection of water under the guise of dense purines (lotus leaves). For example, due to being covered by Maya, Nirguna Brahm does not appear.
All the fish are always happy in the water of that lake. Like all days of righteous men pass away happily.
There are colorful lotus flowers in it. Many bunnies are humming sweetly. Water fowls and flamingos are speaking, as if seeing God and praising them.
The community of birds, such as the chakravak, heron, etc., is formed by sight, they cannot be described. The dialect of beautiful birds seems very pleasant, as if you would call a traveler on the way (on the way).
The sages have built ashrams near that lake (Pampa Sarovar). There are beautiful forest trees around it. Champa, Maulsiri, Kadamb, Tamal, Patal, Jackfruit, Dhaka and Mango, etc.
The cuckoos are saying ‘Kuhu’ as ‘Kuhu’. Hearing their succulent dialect, the monks also lose their attention.
All the trees have come near the earth by bowing with the burden of fruits, as benevolent men get down graciously (graciously).
Shri Ramji took a bath after seeing a very beautiful pond and found supreme happiness. Seeing the shadow of a beautiful exquisite tree, Shri Raghunathji sat down with younger brother Laxmanji.
Then all the gods and sages came there and went to their respective dhams in praise. Kripalu Shri Ramji is telling racy stories to his younger brother Laxmanji, sitting happily.

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