Guru Vandana Shri Ram Charitra Manas

Guru Vandana Shri Ram Charitra Manas

Guru Vandana- I worship Charankamal of Guru Maharaj, who is the sea of grace and Shri Hari in the male form, and whose words are groups of sun rays to destroy the thick darkness of the majesty.

I offer obeisance to the lotus feet of Guru Maharaj, which is full of taste (beautiful taste), aroma, and Anurag. It is a beautiful powder of the immortal root (Sanjeevani Herb), which is going to destroy the whole family of diseases.

She is a beautiful Nirmal Vibhuti embellish on the body of Shiva as Rupa Sukriti (virtuous man) and the mother of beautiful welfare and joy, removing the dirt of the beautiful mirror of the devotee and subduing the group of virtues by tilak.

The light of the feet and fingernails of Shri Guru Maharaj is like the light of the gods.

whose memory creates a divine vision in the heart.

That light is the destroyer of the darkness of ignorance.

he who comes into the heart has a great fortune.

Immediately after coming to his heart.

the pure eyes of the heart are opened and the defects of the night of the world are removed and the gem and rubies of Shri Ramcharitra.

So the secret, and the manifest where the mine is in, all appear.

For example, by applying Siddhanjan in the eyes.

the seeker, Siddha, and Sujan see many mines inside mountains, forests, and earth from prodigy.

Because The king of the feet of Shri Guru Maharaj is a gentle and beautiful nemesis.

So who is the destroyer of the defects of the eyes?

By refining the eyes of the conscience from that person.

So I describe Shri Ramcharitra, who is freed from the bondage of the world.

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