Hanuman Ji Meeting with Shri Ramji and friendship of Shri Ram-Sugriva

Hanuman Ji Meeting with Shri Ramji and friendship of Shri Ram-Sugriva

The story of Hanuman Ji Meeting with Shri Ramji and friendship of Shri Ram-Sugriva

Shri Raghunathji went ahead again. Rishimuk mountain came close. Sugriva lived there (on Mount Rishimuk) with ministers. Seeing the limit of matchless force coming to Shri Ramchandraji and Laxmanji-

Sugriva said in extreme fear – O Hanuman! Listen, these two men are the ends of force and form. You take the form of Brahmachari and go and see. Knowing their real point in my heart, explain it to me with a hint and tell me.
If they have been sent to the erring heart of the mind, then I should immediately leave this mountain and run away (hearing this) Hanumanji took the form of a Brahmin and went there, and the head started asking like this.
Hey hero! Who are you with dark and white bodies, who are back in the forest as Kshatriyas? Hey master! For what reason are you wandering in the forest walking on soft soil with hard steps?
You have beautiful, tender limbs that move the mind and you are bearing the sad sun and air of the forest. Are you Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh – either of these three gods or are you both male and Narayan.
Hanuman Ji Meeting


Hanuman Ji Asking some questions to Shree Ramji

Or you are the God of the root cause of the world and the lord of the whole world, who has incarnated in Hanuman Ji Meeting form to take people away from Bhavsagar and destroy the weight of the earth?
(Shri Ramachandraji said) – We are the sons of Kosalraj Dasarathaji and have come to the forest following the father’s promise. Our names are Rama-Laxman, we are both brothers. There was a beautiful lady with us.
Here (in the forest) the demon defeated (my wife) Janaki. Hey Brahmin! We search for him only. We told our character. Now O Brahmin! Explain your story and tell it.
After recognizing the Lord, Hanumanji held his feet and fell on the earth (he bowed down to the prostration). (Shiva says-) O Parvati! That happiness cannot be described. The body is pulsed, the word does not come out of the mouth. They are watching the creation of the beautiful dress of God!
Then endured and praised. Recognizing your Nath is heartening. (Then Hanumanji said-) O Lord! What I asked was my justice, (I saw you after years, that too in the guise of asceticism and my monkey intellect, I could not recognize you and I asked you according to my circumstances), but how you like a human being Asking?
I forget about your illusion, because of this I did not recognize my master (you).

Hanuman ji comes into his real look

One, I am dim like this, second I am in love, I am crooked and ignorant of the third heart, then O Goddess Deenbandhu! Prabhu (you) also forgot me!
Hey Nath! Although I have many demerits, the servants should not fall into Swami’s oblivion (don’t forget that). Hey Nath! The creature is fascinated by your illusion. He can get relief by his grace.
O Raghuveer on that! I tell your prayers (oath) that I do not know anything about Bhajan-Means. The servant rests on the master and the son’s mother. God is made to take care of a servant (has to do).
Saying this, Hanumanji fell on the feet of Lord Akulakar, he revealed his real body. There was love in his heart. Then Shri Raghunathji picked them up and planted them with the heart and watered with water in his eyes.
(Then said-) O cup! Listen, do not accept guilt in the mind (do not lose your mind). You love me even more than Lakshman. Everyone calls me a parasite (neither dear to me nor unpleasant) but I am loved by my servant, because he is unique (he has no other support except me).
So And hey Hanuman! He is the only one whose wisdom never fails that I am a servant, and this grasping (root-conscious) world is the form of my lord God.
So Seeing Swami friendly (happy), Pawan Kumar was happy in Hanumanji’s heart and all his sorrows went away. (He said-) O Nath! Vanararaj Sugriva lives on this mountain, he is your slave.
So Hey Nath! Befriend him and make him fearless and make him fearless. He will get Sitaji searched and will send crores of monkeys wherever he goes.

Shree Ram Lakshman going to Sugriva with Hanuman Ji

In this way, after explaining all things, Hanumanji (Shri Ram-Lakshmana) took both the people back on their backs. When Sugriva saw Shri Ramchandraji, he considered his birth very blessed.
Because In the Sugriva feet, the head was met with respect and respect. Shri Raghunathji also met him with a hug, including his younger brother. So Sugriva is Thinking in his mind that O Creator! Will they love me?
So This is the story of Hanuman Ji Meeting with Shri Ramji and friendship of Shri Ram-Sugriva
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