Hanuman ji’s mother was forgotten, became Apsara with forestry

Once the assembly of Devaraja Indra was engaged in heaven. Durvasa Rishi was also participating in it. At the time when the discussion was going on in the assembly, at the same time, the apsara of Indraloka name ‘Punjikasthali’ was repeatedly coming from here and there. The sage Durvasa did not like this behavior of Punjikasthali in the middle of the assembly. Durvasa Rishi is famous for his anger. He refused to do so by punishing Punjikasthali many times, but she continued to do the same, unheard, then Durvasa Rishi said, “You have no knowledge of the dignity of Dev-Sabha. What a god-nymph you are, who, like monkeys, repeatedly come and go and disrupt the meeting. Go, because of this habit, you become a monkey. ”

Punjikasthali was speechless after hearing the curse of Durvasa Rishi. She could not even imagine this result of her conduct, but what could happen now? A mistake was made. Because of that she also got under a curse. He folded his hands, pleading and said, “Rishivar! Due to my stupidity, I kept making this mistake unconsciously and ignored my taboo. I had no intention of disrupting the meeting. Please tell, now how will I be saved by your curse? ”

Hearing the request of Apsara, the sage Durvasa pasje said, “Because of your fickleness, in the next life you will be born as the daughter of King Viraj of the Vanar caste. You are the nymph of the Dev-Sabha, so from your womb will be born a great, powerful, and lord-laden child. ”

Punjika Apsara was content. She was born as the daughter of Raja Viraj, the monkey in rebirth. She was the name of Anjana. When married, he was married to Vanar Raj Kesari. Anjana started living happily with Kesari in Prabhas Tirtha.

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There was a lot of peace in this area and many sages use to build Yagyadis by making ashrams. Once it happened that a wild elephant named Shankabal, who had wandered in the forest, got up and started creating trouble in the forest. He trampled many ashrams. Yagya-altars were destroyed. several ascetic children were hurt by his fear. Many ashrams were destroyed. Many sages left the ashram due to fear.

When Kesari came to know of this elephant named Shankhabal, he immediately came there to protect the ashram and ashram residents and surrounded Shankhabal very efficiently and grabbed both his teeth, and uprooted it. The elephant shrieking with pain collapsed there and died.

Seeing such a force of Kesari who suddenly came to protect the ashram and kill the elephants by killing the elephant, the sage-muni was very please and came near Kesari and said, “Vanar Raj Kesari! Just as you protected all of us and the ashram today, similarly your son in future will be as wind and will be as great as Rudra. Along with your strength, the wind and the light of Rudra will also pervade it. ”

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Kesari said, “Sagevaro! I have made this sacrificial land fearless by killing the dear elephant who was not coming under any kind of desire. I am blessed by this automatic blessing give to you. ”

Kesari saluted the sages and went away. When the time came, a child was born from Anjana’s womb. There was a glimpse of the blessings giving by the sages since their childhood. In the ashrams, it would reach wherever it was like wind velocity. He used to chase away wild animals and evil people in the ashrams with his immense force. With his might, he would become intoxicated and would start playing in the ashrams with his companions.

If someone stopped him from playing, he would also harass him. The child was there. When the sages started getting uncomfortable due to his hair prodigy and his worship and interruption of yajna started, he cursed to make peace in his nature like a blessing that you will always forget your strength when someone you need, your strength I will then awaken you with immense strength.

This made the child be of a calm nature. Kesari Nandan This boy later became famous as Hanuman. When no one was daring to cross the sea to find Sita Ji and Hanuman too was sitting silent, Jamwant reminded Hanuman Ji of his strength. Then they crossed the sea and discovered Sita.

So it is the story of Hanuman Ji’s mother was forgotten, became Apsara with forestry

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