Hanuman-Ravana dialogue

Hanuman-Ravana dialogue

Seeing Hanumanji, Ravana laughed a lot, saying the rascal. Then the son remembered the slaughter, then there was a sadness in his heart.

Lankapati Ravana said- “Monkey!” who are you? On whose strength did you destroy and destroy the forest? Have you never heard me (my name and fame) with my ears? Oh, dear! I am looking at you very unhappy.
What crime did you kill the demons? Ray fool! Tell, do you not fear to die? (Hanumanji said-) O Ravana! Listen, with whose strength Maya creates groups of the entire universe,
On whose strength, O Dashshish! Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (respectively) create, nurture and destroy the universe, with whose force the Seshaji Mountains (Phanas) hold the entire universe, including the mountain and the forest, on their heads.
Those who wear many kinds of bodies to protect the gods, and who are to teach fools like you, who broke the hard bow of Shiva and made him proud of the group of kings.
Who killed Khar, Dushan, Trishira and Bali, all of whom were incomparable strongmen.
I am the messenger of whom you have conquered the entire grazing world with the help of a small amount of force, and whose beloved wife you have brought (by theft).

Hanumanji is saddened to see Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika and Ravan shows fear to Sitaji

I know your lordship very much, you fought with Sahasrabahu and you gained fame after fighting with Bali. Hearing the (poignant) words of Hanumanji, Ravana laughed and avoided the talk.
O (demons) lord I was hungry, (so) I ate the fruits and broke the trees due to monkey nature. O (the nocturnal) owner! The body is dear to everyone. When the (evil) demons walking on the road start killing me.
Then those who killed me, I also killed them. On that your son tied me (but), I am not ashamed to be bound myself. I want to do the work of my lord.
Hey Ravan! I plead with you with folded hands, you leave my pride and listen to me. Think about your holy clan and leave the illusion and worship the devout God.
Whoever eats the deity, the demon and all the pastures, even those who are extremely afraid of fear, do not ever hate them and give them to Jankiji as I say.
The enemies of Khar are Shri Raghunathji the protector of refugees and the sea of mercy. Lord will forget your crime and keep you in his refuge when you go to refuge.
You should take the lotus feet of Shri Ram in your heart and make a permanent kingdom of Lanka. Sage Pulastyaji’s fame is similar to Nirmal Moon. Do not be a stigma in that moon.
Without the name of Ram, speech does not suit, except Madh-Moh, think carefully. O enemies of the gods! Even a beautiful woman adorned with all ornaments is not adorned (naked) without clothes.
The property and sovereignty of the Ramvimukha Purusha also go away and is equal to not getting her. The rivers which have no water source at the origin. (That is, those who have shelter only in the rain), they immediately dry up after the rains have passed.
Hey Ravan! Listen, I pledge that there is no one to protect Ramvimukh. Thousands of Shankars, Vishnu, and Brahma, who have been malicious with Shri Ramji, cannot save you.
Moh whose origins are such (ignorant), those who are very suffering, abandon the temperance pride and worship Lord Ramachandra, the lord of Raghukul, the sea of grace.
Although Hanumanji spoke of devotion, knowledge, disinterestedness and policy of great interest, yet that great arrogant Ravana laughed (sarcastically) that we found this monkey very knowledgeable master!
Hey rogue! Your death has come near. Half hearted Gave me education. Hanumanji said- It will be the reverse (ie, death has come near you, not mine). This is your hallucination, I have known directly.
Hearing the words of Hanumanji, he became very angry. (And said- Hey! Why don’t this fool’s life get lost soon? On hearing the demon rushed to kill them, Vibhishanji reached there with the ministers at the same time.
He told Ravana by bowing his head and very pleading that the messenger should not be killed, it is against the policy. Hey Gosain. Any other punishment should be given. Everyone said- Brother! This advice is best
On hearing this, Ravana laughed and said – OK, let the monkey be mutilated and sent back.

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