Hanuman-Vibhishana Dialogue

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Hanuman-Vibhishana Dialogue

The palace was inscribed with the symbols of Shri Ramji’s armament (bow and arrow), its beauty cannot be described. There, Kapiraj Shri Hanumanji was delighted after seeing the new tree basins.

Lanka is the abode of a group of demons. Where is the residence of a gentleman (sage) here? Hanumanji started reasoning in this way in his mind. At the same time Vibhishanji woke up.
He (Vibhishan) remembered (pronounced) the name of Rama. Hanumanji knew him a gentleman and was happy in his heart. (Hanumanji thought that) I will stubbornly introduce him (on my own behalf), because the monk does not harm the work. (Only benefit is there)
After taking the form of a Brahmin, Hanumanji pronounced (utterances) to him. On hearing Vibhishanji got up and came there. Greeting, Kushal asked (and said) O Brahmanadeva! Explain your story and tell it.
Are you any of the devotees? Because seeing you, a lot of love is growing in my heart. Or are you the one who loves the poor, Shri Ramji himself, who has come to make me a big partner (by giving a darshan from home)?
Then Hanumanji told his name by telling the whole story of Shri Ramchandraji. Upon hearing both of their bodies pulsed and by remembering the virtues of Shri Ramji, both of their minds (in love and bliss) became engrossed.
(Vibhishanji said-) O Pawanputra! Listen to me live I live here like a poor tongue in between teeth. Hey Tat Knowing me an orphan, will Shri Ramchandraji, the son of Suryakul, ever grace me?
My Tamasi (demon) body does not make any sense, nor is there love in the feet of Shri Ramchandraji in mind, but O Hanuman! Now I believe that Shri Ramji has favor on me, because without the blessings of Hari, saints cannot be found.
When Shri Raghuveer has pleased, then you have given me darshan (on your behalf). (Hanumanji said-) O Vibhishanji! Listen, it is the custom of God that they always love the servant.
Oh tell me, who am I, the great noble? I am a playful monkey (of caste) and I am inferior in all respects, if we take the name of the people (monkeys) in the morning, they will not get food on that day.
Those who, while knowing such masters (Shri Raghunathji), wandering (behind subjects) wandering, why should they not be sad? In this way, saying the virtues of Shri Ramji, he attained unquenchable (ultimate) peace.
Then Vibhishanji told the story of how Sri Jankiji lived there (in Lanka). Then Hanumanji said- Hey brother listen, I want to see Janaki’s mother.

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