Hanumanji is saddened to see Sitaji

Hanumanji is saddened to see Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika and Ravan shows fear to Sitaji

Religious story

Hanumanji is saddened to see Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika and Ravan shows fear to Sitaji

Vibhishanji (mother’s darshan) narrated all the tips (measures). Then Hanumanji walked away with goodbye. Then he took the form (like earlier masque) where Ashoka used to live in the forest (the part of the forest).

Seeing Sitaji, Hanumanji bowed before him. They are sitting around the clock at night. The body has become lean, there is a vein (braid) of jata on the head. In the heart, recites the virtuous groups of Shri Raghunathji.
Shri Janaki ji has eyes fixed at his feet (looking downward) and the mind is absorbed in Shri Ramji’s feet. On seeing Janaki ji deen (sad), Pawanputra Hanumanji became very sad.

Lanka description, lankini slaughter, enter Lanka

Hanumanji was hiding in the leaves of the tree and started thinking, O brother! What should I do (how to overcome their grief)? At the same time, Ravana came there with a lot of women ready.
That evil person explained to Sita in many ways. Demonstrated content, charity, fear and mystery. Ravana said- O Sumukhi! Hey Sayani! listen! To all the queens etc.
I will make you my maid, this is my vow. Once you look at me, right! Remembering his supreme affectionate Koshadhish, Shri Ramchandraji, Janaki ji began to cover under the cover of the straw.
Hey Dashmukh! Listen, can Kamalini ever blossom with the light of firefly? Janaki ji then says- You (also for yourself) should understand this in your mind. Hey rogue! You are not aware of Mr. Raghuveer’s arrow.
Oh sinner! You have brought me every listen. Oh dear! Cheeky! You are not ashamed?.
Listening to himself like Jugnu and hearing Ramachandraji like the sun and hearing the harsh words of Sitaji, Ravana took out a sword and spoke in a great anger.
Sita! You have controlled me. I will cut off your head with this harsh saber. Otherwise (still), obey me soon. Hey Sumukhi! Otherwise, you will have to lose your life.
(Sitaji said-) O Dashgreev! The arm of the Lord, which is beautiful like the garland of Shyam Lotus and like the trunk of an elephant (athletic and huge), either that arm will fall in my throat or your terrible sword. Oh dear! Listen, this is my true vow
Sitaji says- O Chandrahas (sword)! Take away my great burning sensation arising out of the fire of Shri Raghunathji, O sword! You flow cold, fast and great (ie, your stream is cold and fast), take away the burden of my sorrow.
On hearing the words of Sitaji, he ran to kill. Then Mandodari, the daughter of Maya Demon, explained it by saying policy. Then Ravana called all the maidens and said that go and show Sita a lot of fear.
If I do not say this in a month, then I will kill it with a sword.
(Thus saying) Ravana went home. Here groups of demons took many evil forms and started showing fear to Sita.
Among them was a demon named Trijata. He had love at the feet of Sri Ramachandraji and was adept at Vivek (knowledge). He summoned everyone and narrated his dream and said – serve Sita and do your welfare.
Sapna (I saw that) a monkey burnt Lanka. The entire army of demons were killed. Ravana is naked and riding on a donkey. His head is shaved, twenty arms are chopped
In this way, he is going to the south (of Yampuri) direction and as if Lanka Vibhishan has found it. Shri Ramchandraji’s cry in the city again. Then God called Sitaji.
I call out (with determination) that this dream will come true after four (few) days. Hearing his words, all those demons got scared and fell at the feet of Janaki Ji.


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