Hanumanji took Ashoka Vatika demolition, Akshay Kumar Slaughter and Meghnad to Hanumanji in Nagpash and took him to the meeting

Hanumanji took Ashoka Vatika demolition, Akshay Kumar Slaughter, and Meghnad to Hanumanji in Nagpash and took him to the meeting

Seeing Hanumanji skillful in intelligence and strength, Jankiji said – Go. Hey Tat Hold the feet of Shri Raghunathji in the heart and eat sweet fruits.
They went to Sitaji and beheaded and entered the garden. Eat fruits and start breaking trees. There were many warrior keepers. Some of them were killed and some went and cried to Ravana.
(And said-) O Nath! A big heavy monkey has arrived. He devastated Ashoka Vatika. Eat fruits, uproot trees and mourn the keepers on the ground.
Hearing this, Ravana sent many warriors. Hanumanji roared upon seeing them. Hanumanji killed all the demons, some who were half dead, went shouting.
Ravana then sent Akshaykumar. He carried along with innumerable superior warriors. Seeing him coming, Hanumanji took a tree (in the hand) and shouted it and roared with the great sound (loud).
They killed some of the army and mashed some and caught some of them in the dust. Some went again and cried, Lord! Monkey is very powerful.
On hearing the son’s slaughter, Ravana got angry and sent (his firstborn son) the powerful Meghnad. (Told him-) O son! Don’t kill, bring him to a bind. That monkey should be seen from where
Meghnad, the matchless warrior who conquered Indra, walked. He got angry after hearing that his brother was killed. Hanumanji saw that this terrible warrior has come. Then they thundered and rode and ran.
He uprooted a very big tree and (by his stroke) drove Lankeshwar Ravana’s son Meghnad without a chariot. (Breaking the chariot and slamming it down). The great warriors who were with him, by holding them, Hanumanji started rubbing them with his body.
After killing them all started fighting with Meghnad. (They looked like fighting) as if two Gajraj (superior elephant) had collided. Hanumanji shot him a punch and went to the tree. He got unconscious for a moment.
Then he got up and created a lot of illusion, but Pawan’s sons do not win from him.
In the end, he used Brahmastra, then Hanumanji thought in his mind that if I do not believe Brahmastra, his immense glory will be erased.
He hit Hanumanji with the Brahmabana, (as soon as he fell down from the tree), but while falling he killed a lot of army. When he saw that Hanumanji had become unconscious, he tied him to Nagpash and took him.
(Shiva says-) Listen, O Bhavani, can the messenger of whose knowledgeable (prudent) human beings cut the bond of samsara (birth and death)? But Hanumanji tied himself up for the work of God.
Hearing the monkey being tied, the demons ran and all came to the gathering for the prodigy (to see the spectacle). Hanumanji went and saw the assembly of Ravana. His supreme sovereignty is not said.
Devata and Dikpal folded their hands with humility and are all staring at Ravana. (Seeing his stance) Even seeing such great glory, Hanumanji did not get scared at all. He stood as unarmed, as in a group of snakes, Garuda (unarmed) fearless).

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