Hanumanji’s departure

Hanumanji’s departure to Lanka, meeting with Sursa, slaying the demon who caught the shadow

Religious story

Hanumanji’s departure to Lanka, meeting with Sursa, slaying the demon who caught the shadow

Hanumanji’s departure to Lanka, meeting with Sursa, slaying the demon who caught the shadow

Till I come (see) Sitaji. The work will definitely happen, because I am very happy. After saying this and taking the head of everyone and wearing Shri Raghunathji in the heart, Hanumanji walked with joy.


There was a beautiful mountain on the sea arrow. Hanumanji jumped from the game itself (involuntarily) and climbed on top of it and, remembering Raghuveer again and again, a very powerful Hanumanji jumped at him with great speed.
The mountain on which Hanumanji walked with his feet (from which he sprang), he immediately got trapped in the hull. Just as Shri Raghunathji’s unfailing arrow moves, similarly Hanumanji walks away.
The sea considered him to be the messenger of Shri Raghunathji and said to Mount Manak, “Hey manak! You are going to remove their tiredness (ie rest them on yourself).

Monkeys leave for Sugriva-Rama dialogue and search for Sitaji

Hanumanji touched her hand, then bowed and said – Brother! Where can I rest without doing the work of Shri Ramchandraji?
The gods saw Pawanaputra Hanumanji going away. In order to know his special strength and intellect (for examinations) he sent the mother of serpents named Sursa, he came and said this to Hanumanji.
Today the gods have given me food. Hearing this statement, Pawan Kumar Hanumanji said- I should come back after doing the work of Shri Ramji and tell the news of Sitaji to the Lord.
Then I will come and enter your mouth (you eat me). Hey mother I tell the truth, let me go now. When he did not let go by any means, then Hanumanji said – Then do not eat me.
He spread his face to Yojnabhar (in four curses). Then Hanumanji increased his body by two. He faced sixteen plans. Hanumanji immediately became thirty-two plans.
As Sursa used to enlarge the mouth, Hanumanji used to show his double form. He faced hundred plan (of four hundred Kos). Then Hanumanji took a very small form.
And entering into his mouth (immediately), he came out again and turned his head and asked for goodbye. (He said-) I have found the secret of your wisdom, for which the gods sent me.
You will do all the work of Shri Ramchandraji, because you are a storehouse of strength and wisdom. After giving this blessing, she left, then Hanumanji walked with joy.
A demon lived in the sea. She used to catch the birds flying in the sky with maya. The creatures that used to fly in the sky, seeing their shadow in the water.
She used to catch the shadow, so that they could not fly (and fall into the water), thus she always ate the creatures flying in the sky. He did the same trick to Hanumanji. Hanumanji immediately recognized his fraud.
Pawanputra Dhirbuddhi Veer Sri Hanumanji killed him and went beyond the sea. Going there he saw the beauty of the forest. Bubbles were humming with the greed of madhu (floral juice).

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