Hanumanji's skillful

Hanumanji’s skillful narration to Sitaji, arrival of Sitaji and ordeal

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Hanumanji’s skillful narration to Sitaji, arrival of Sitaji and ordeal

Hanumanji’s skillful narration to Sitaji, arrival of Sitaji and ordeal

Then God called Hanumanji. God said – you go to Lanka. Tell all the news to Janaki and bring her efficient news to you.

Then Hanumanji came to the city. Hearing this, demons and demons (for their hospitality) ran. He worshiped Hanumanji in many ways and then showed Shree Jankiji.

Hanumanji bowed (to Sitaji) from a distance. Janaki ji recognized that he is the messenger of Shri Raghunathji (and asked-) O Tat! Say, my Lord of grace is well skilled with my younger brother and army of apes.
(Hanumanji said-) O mother! Kosalpati Shri Ramji is very well in all respects. He has won the ten-headed Ravana in the battle and Vibhishana attained the immovable state. Hearing the words of Hanumanji, there was joy in Sitaji’s heart.
There was immense happiness in the heart of Shri Jankiji. His body pulsed and the eyes (of Anandashru) were flooded. She says again and again – O Hanuman! What should i give you There is nothing else in the three worlds similar to this Vani (news)! (Hanumanji said-) O mother! Listen, today I have undoubtedly attained the kingdom of the whole world, which I am watching over the enemy, Sri Ramji, by winning the enemy in battle.
(Jankiji said-) O son! Listen, all virtues should be in your heart and O Hanuman! Kosalpati Prabhu along with the rest (Laxmanji) may always be pleased with you.
Hey Tat Now you take the same measures, so that I can see the soft black body of the Lord with these eyes. Then Hanumanji went to Shri Ramchandraji and told him the efficient news of Janaki ji.
Surya Kulbhushan Shri Ramji heard the message and called Yuvraj Angad and Vibhishan (and said-) Go with Pawanaputra Hanuman and bring Janaki with respect.
They all immediately went to where Sita was. All the demons were humbly serving him. Vibhishanji soon explained them. He gave Sitaji a bath in many ways.
He wore many types of jewelry and then he brought a beautiful palanquin. Sita ji was pleased and remembered Shri Ramji, the abode of happiness, and climbed it with joy.
The guards walked around with sticks in their hands. There is supreme joy (umang) in everyone’s mind. Badgers and monkeys came to see everyone, then the guards ran in anger to stop them.
Mr. Raghuveer said- O friend! Follow me and bring Sita on foot, so that the monkey looks at her like a mother. Gosain Shri Ramji laughed and said so.

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The bear monkeys were delighted after hearing the word of the Lord. Gods showered many flowers from the sky. Sitaji (the true form of) was first kept in the fire. Now the God of the inner Witnesses wants to reveal them.
For this reason, Shri Ramji, the storehouse of compassion, said some strong words to Leela, after hearing all the demons started to feel sad.
After giving head to the words of the Lord, with the mind, words, and deeds, holy Sita said – O Lakshman! You should be the Negi (Helper in righteousness) of my religion and immediately prepare the fire.
Listening to the voice of Shri Sitaji against his conscience, conscience, religion, and policy, water-filled the eyes (of tears of grief) in Laxmanji’s eyes. They stood with folded hands. They too cannot say anything to God.
After seeing the attitude of Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji ran and prepared a fire and brought a lot of wood. Janji was heartened to see Agni greatly increased. Nothing scared them.
(Sitaji said to Leela-) If there is no other motion (shelter of any other) in my heart, except Sri Raghuveer, my mind, word, and deed, then Agnidev who knows the speed of everyone’s mind (knowing the speed of my mind too) ) Let me be as cold as sandalwood.
By remembering Lord Shree Ramji and whose feet are worshiped by Mahadevji and those who have a very pure love of Sitaji, Jankaji ji entered the cool fire like sandalwood by uttering the glory of Kosalapati. Pratibimba (Sitaji’s shadow) and his temporal stigma were burnt in the fiery fire. No one knows these characters of God. Gods, Siddhas, and sages all stand in the sky.
Then Agni, holding the body, holding the hand of the famous real Sri (Sita JI) in the Vedas and in the world, dedicated her to Sri Ramji in the same way that Kshirsagar had dedicated Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu. She was seated in the left part of Sitaji Shri Ramchandraji. His exquisite beauty is very beautiful. As if the gold lotus bud will be adorned with the newly blossomed blue lotus.
So this was the story of Hanumanji’s skillful narration to Sitaji, arrival of Sitaji and ordeal

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