Hanuman’s becoming unconscious with the arrow of Bharatji, Bharat-Hanuman dialogue

Hanuman’s becoming unconscious with the arrow of Bharatji, Bharat-Hanuman dialogue

Bharatji saw a very huge form in the sky, and then in the mind guessed that it was a demon. He pulled an arrow to the ear and struck an arrow without fruit.

As soon as the arrow sounded, Hanumanji fell unconscious on the earth chanting ‘Ram, Ram, Raghupati’. Hearing the beloved word (Ram Naam), Bharatji got up and ran and came to Hanumanji with great enthusiasm.

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Seeing Hanumanji distraught, he took him to heart. Woke up a lot, but he did not wake up! Then Bharatji’s face became depressed. He was very sad in his mind and filled the water (of tears of sorrow) in the eyes and said these words-
The Creator, who alienated me from Shri Rama, again gave this terrible sorrow. If I have sincere love for Shri Ramji’s feet in mind, speech, and body,
And if Shri Raghunathji is pleased with me, then this monkey becomes free from tiredness and pain. On hearing this promise, Kapiraj Hanumanji sat up saying ‘Kosalapati Shri Ramachandraji’s Jai Ho, Jai Ho’.
Bharatji took the monkey (Hanumanji) from the heart, his body pulsed and water filled the eyes (tears of joy and love). By remembering Raghukulatilak Sri Ramachandraji, there was no love in Bharatji’s heart.
(Bharatji said-) O Tat! Sukhnidhan, including younger brother Lakshman and mother Janaki, is said to be the master of Shri Ramji. The monkey (Hanumanji) briefly told the story. Hearing this, Bharatji became sad and repented in his mind.
Oh, God! Why was I born in the world? Not a single word of God came. Then knowing the Kuwasar (opposite time), having patience in the mind, Balveer said to Bharatji Hanuman.
Hey Tat It will be late for you to leave, and the work will be spoiled as soon as the morning starts. (So) you climb on my arrow with the mountain, I will send you to the place where the shrine of grace is Shri Ramji.
Hearing this talk of Bharatji (once), arrogance arose in Hanumanji’s mind that how would the arrow move from my burden? (But) considering the influence of Shri Ramchandraji, he worshiped the feet of Bharatji and folded his hands and said-
Hey Nath! Oh, Lord! I will leave you immediately with your majesty in my heart. Having said this, Hanumanji walked after getting orders and worshiping the feet of Bharatji.
Maruti Shri Hanumanji is going on admiring the mind of Bharatji’s muscle power, modesty (beautiful nature), virtue and immense love at the feet of God.

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