Beautiful Gaur and Shyamvarna like Kundapush and Nilkamal, extremely powerful, rich in science, rich, superior archers, blessed by Vedas, beloved (or lover) of group of cows and Brahmins, wearing human form from Maya, superior religion For the sake of armor, everyone’s benefactor, engaged in the search of Shri Sitaji, Shri Ramji and Shri Lakshmanji, the superior of Raghukul as a way, must surely be devotional to us.

Shurpanakha’s proximity to Ravana, Sri Sita’s fire entrance and Maya Sita

Blessed are those Sukriti (holy men) who destroy the stool of the Kali Yuga born from the sea (churning of the Vedas), the everlasting, beautiful and exalted face of Lord Shri Shambhu in the moon, always graceful, the disease of birth and death. The medicine, which gives happiness to all and in the life of Shri Janaki ji, continues to drink the nectar of the name of Shri Ram.

Pledge of demon slaughter, love of Sutixnaji, inaccessible union, inaccessible dialogue

Where Shri Shiva and Parvati reside, why not consider that Kashi as the birthplace of liberation, the mine of knowledge and the destroyer of sins?

All the gods, who were burning with the horrific venom and venom, themselves, who have drunk themselves, mind you! Why don’t you worship those Shankarji? Who is kind (and) like them?

Onward departure of Shri Ramji, Viradha slaughter and sharabhang affair

Atri meet and praise aranyakaand

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