Janak Sunayna Dialogue, Glory to Bharatji

Janak Sunayna Dialogue -The king and queen, again and again, bid farewell to Sitaji by attaching heart and honor. The clever queen, having found time, described the condition of Bharatji in a beautiful voice to the king.

Hearing the behavior of Bharatji like the scent of gold and the nectar of the moon (emanating from the sea) like nectar of the moon, the king (in a feverish manner) closed his eyes (filled with love) with water (as if he were meditated in the love of Bharatji). went). He was pulsed by the body and started to appreciate the beautiful fame of Bharatji, rejoicing in the mind.

(He said-) O Sumukhi! Hey Sunayani! Listen carefully The story of Bharatji is about to get rid of the shackles of the world. Religion, politics and brahmavichar- I have (a little) speed according to my intelligence in these three subjects (ie I know something about them).

What does she (who enters religion, politics and theology) describe to my mind the glory of Bharatji, even if she does not even touch her shadow! Brahmaji, Ganeshji, Seshaji, Mahadevji, Saraswatiji, poet, learned, wise and intelligent -॥

Everyone is capable of understanding the character, fame, doing, religion, modesty, virtue and serene beauty of Bharatji, and giving pleasure in hearing and also despising Gangaji in purity and nectar in taste (sweetness).

Bharatji is a man of infinite virtues and not infinite. Just like Bharatji, Bharatji is the same, know this. What can Sumeru mountain be called as Ser? Therefore (in giving him a simile with a man) the wisdom of the poet society was also reduced!

O best of all! Describing the glory of Bharatji is as unfathomable for all as walking of a fish on a waterless earth. Hey queen! Listen, only one Shri Ramchandraji knows the infinite glory of Bharatji, but he too cannot describe it.

Thus lovingly describing the influence of Bharatji, then knowing the interest of the wife’s mind, the king said – return to Laxmanji and go to Bharatji forest, it is good for everyone and this is in everyone’s mind.

But oh god! The love of Bharatji and Shri Ramchandraji and trust in each other, cannot fall within the limits of intellect and thought. Although Shri Ramchandraji is the limit of equality, Bharatji is the limit of love and love.

(Except exclusive love towards Shri Ramchandraji) Bharatji has not even looked at all the charitable, selfishness and happiness in the mind. Love of Shri Ramji’s feet is his means and he is the accomplishment. I think this is the only principle of Bharatji.

The king shrieked (in awe of love) said – Even after forgetting Bharatji, he will not ignore Shri Ramchandraji’s orders from his heart. Therefore, one should not worry due to affection.

Lovingly calculating (saying and listening to) the qualities of Shri Ramji and Bharatji, the husband and wife passed the night like an eyelid. In the morning both the royal family woke up and started bathing and worshiping the deities.

Shri Raghunathji took a bath and went to Guru Vashisthaji and after worshiping the feet, found his attitude and said – O Nath! Bharat, Awadhpuri and mothers, all distraught with grief and grieved by exile.

Mithilapati King Janakji too has suffered for many days with the society, so O Nath! Do what is appropriate. Everyone’s interest is in your hands.

Saying this, Shri Raghunathji was very much compelled. Seeing his modesty (with love and bliss), Muni Vasisthaji became angry. (He said openly-) O Ram! Without you (home-bar etc.), the equipment of complete happiness is like hell for both the royalty

Hey Ram! You are also the soul of life, the soul of soul and happiness of happiness. Hey Tat The one who makes you happy except you, is the opposite of the creator.

Where there is no love in the lotus feet of Shri Rama, that happiness, karma and dharma burns, in which Shri Rama is not the preeminence of love, it is yoga and yoga is ignorance.

All are sad without you and those who are happy are happy with you. You know everything that is in someone’s life. Your command is on everyone’s head. Kripalu (you) is well aware of everyone’s situation.

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Reaching Janakji, meeting with Kol Kiratadi, meeting everyone

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