Janakpur inspection of Shri Ram-Laxman

Janakpur inspection –The two brothers go to the city to see the happiness. Make the eyes of all (city dwellers) successful by showing your beautiful face

The two brothers, who gave happiness to the eyes of all the people, went to worship the monk’s feet. The flocks of children came together seeing the great beauty of these (beauty of). His eyes and mind (on his Madhuri) wooed.

(Both brothers) have yellow clothes, tied in waist (yellow) scarves. Beautiful bow and arrow in the hands are adorned. (Shyam and Gaur varna) friendly of bodies (ie, the color of which the sandalwood is more full, the color of that color) has beautiful sandalwood hoof. There is a beautiful pair of Saran and Gore (color).

It has a neck (athletic) like neck (back part of the neck), huge arms. There is a very beautiful gajmukta garland on the (wide) chest. They have eyes similar to the beautiful red lotus. One who is free from all three temperatures has a face similar to the moon.

The golden earrings are very (very) beautiful in the ears and as soon as they see (the viewer) steals the mind. His Chitwan (vision) is very beautiful and eyebrows are oblique and beautiful. The lines of tilak (on the forehead) are such beautiful, as if the (idolatry) beauty has been stamped.

There are beautiful quadruped hats (lamps) on the head, black and curly hair. Both brothers are beautiful from fingernails to Shikha (from heel to peak) and all the beauty is the way they want.

When the priests got the news that both the princes had come to see the city, then they all ran away from home and all the work, as if they had run to rob the treasury (of wealth).

Seeing both brothers beautiful by nature, they are happy after getting the fruit of their eyes. Young women are seeing the form of Shri Ram Chandraji with love attached to the windows of the house.

They are talking with each other with great love – O friend! He has won the image of crores of Cupids. God, humans, demons, serpents, and sages do not have such beauty in their ears.

Lord Vishnu has four arms, Brahma has four faces, Shiva has a terrible (terrible) rash and has five faces. Hey friend! There is no other deity with whom the image of this image is given.

They have a teenage age, they are homes of beauty, dark and white, and the abode of happiness. Millions and billions of Cupids should be thrown on their parts.

Hey friend! (Good), then who would be a bodily being who would not be fascinated by seeing this form (that is, this form is going to fascinate everyone – consciously). (Then) someone said with a gentle voice with love, O Sayani! Listen to what I heard –

These two (prince) are sons of Maharaj Dasarathaji! Hair is a beautiful pair of flamingos. These munis are the protectors of Vishwamitra’s yajna, they have killed the demons on the battlefield.

Those with black bodies and beautiful lotus-like eyes, who are the rulers of Marich and Subahu and the mine of happiness and those who have bow and arrow in their hands, are the sons of Kausalyaji, their name is Ram.

Those whose color is fair and young and those who make beautiful clothes and follow the bow of Sri Ramji with a bow and arrow in their hands are their younger brothers, their name is Laxman. Hey friend! Listen, his mother is Sumitra.

Both brothers have come here to see Dhanushagya by performing the work of Brahmin Vishwamitra and rescuing Ahalya, the wife of Muni Gautama on the way. All women were happy to hear this.

Seeing the image of Shri Ramchandraji, someone (another friend) started saying – This groom is worthy of life. Hey friend! If the king sees them, he will leave the vows and stubbornly marry them.

Someone said – the king has recognized them and respected them respectfully, including the sage, but hey friend! The king does not give up his vow. He has taken the shelter of unintentional obstinacy by subjugating the promising (does not leave the foolishness to remain firm on the prana).

Some say- If the creator is good and it is heard that they give proper fruits to everyone, then Janaki Ji will get this groom. Hey friend! There is no doubt.

If we become such a coincidence by contempt, then we all become grateful. Hey friend! I am getting so much anger due to this, that is why they will come here sometime.

Otherwise (if not married), O friend! Listen, we have rare visits to them. This coincidence can only happen when our past lives are very virtuous.

The second said – O friend! You said very well Everyone has the ultimate interest in this marriage. Somebody said- Shankarji’s bow is hard and these dark princes are children of soft bodies.

Hey Sayani! Everything is confusing. Hearing this, another friend started saying with a soft voice – O friend! In relation to them, some people say that they are small in appearance, but their influence is very big.

Those whose feet touched the dust of Ahalya, who had committed a great sin, will they be able to break Shivaji’s bow. Do not forget this belief and leave it.

The Brahma who has created Sita by grooming (very cleverly), he has also thoughtfully created a beautiful bride. Hearing his words, everyone was delighted and started saying with a soft voice – so be it.

Women with beautiful faces and beautiful eyes are blossoming flowers in the group’s heart. Wherever both brothers go, there is absolute bliss.

Both brothers went to the east of the city, where the (color) land was made for Dhanushyagya. There was a very long, beautiful paved courtyard, on which the beautiful and serene altar was decorated.

Because There were huge gold platforms around which the king would sit. Around them, a circle of other scaffolds was adorned.

So He was somewhat tall and beautiful in all respects, where the people of the city would sit. So They have huge and beautiful white houses made of many colors.

Where according to their clan, all women will sit and watch as appropriate (where it is appropriate to sit). The children of the city are showing reverently to Lord Shri Ramchandraji (of the sacrificial fire) by saying soft words.

Because All the children are being seduced by the body on the pretext of love by touching the beautiful organs of Shri Ramji and seeing both brothers, they are very happy in their hearts.

Shri Ramchandraji lovingly praised all the children (places of Yajnabhoomi) knowing the love of them. (This increased the enthusiasm, joy and love of the children even more, by which) they all called them according to their own interest and (at the summoning of each) both brothers walked towards them with love.

Shri Ramji shows his younger brother Lakshman (Yajnabhoomi) creation by saying soft, sweet, and pleasant words. On whose orders Maya creates groups of cosmos in Love Nimesh (quarter time of eyelid fall).

Shri Ramji, who had pity on the same day, is stunning (with surprise) at the Dhanush Yagya Shala due to devotion. Seeing all the Kautukas (strange creation), they went to the Guru. He is afraid of knowing that he is late.

Those who fear also fear, the effect of Lord Bhajan (due to which such great God also plays the fear) is showing. He forced the children to say good, sweet, and beautiful things.

Then, with fear, love, humility, and great hesitation, both the brothers sat in the Guru’s feet lotus after getting their orders.

As soon as the night entered (at dusk), the monk gave orders, then everyone did the ceremony. Then the ancient stories and history say – beautiful night passed at two o’clock.

Then the best sage went and slept. Both brothers started pressing their feet, whose feet for their lotus (vision and touch), even the disinterested men chant and do likewise.

Both of them, as if living with love, are lovingly suppressing the lotus feet of Guruji. The monk repeatedly gave orders, then Shri Raghunathji went and slept.

Laxmanji is suppressing Shri Ramji’s feet by making him feel heartfelt with fear and love. Lord Shri Ramchandraji repeatedly said – O Tat! (Now go to sleep. Then they held those steps and lay them in their hearts.

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