Jatayu-Ravana-war, keeping Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika

Jatayu-Ravana-war, keeping Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika

Gridhraj Jatayu, hearing Sita’s sad voice, recognized that she was the wife of Raghukul Tilak Shri Ramachandraji. (He saw that) The lowly demon is being taken (badly), like Kapila, the cow has fallen frost of Mlechha.

(He said-) Oh dear daughter! Do not fear I will destroy this monster. (Having said this), the bird ran in anger, as if it were going towards the mountain.

(He said deftly-) Ray, wicked! Why not stand up? Walked fearlessly! I do not know you? Seeing him coming like Yamraj, Ravana turned around and started guessing in the mind.
It is either Manak Parvat or Garuda, the lord of birds. But he (Garuda) knows my strength including his master Vishnu! (On approaching something) Ravana recognized him (and said-) This is old jatayu. This will leave my body in my pilgrimage form.
On hearing this, Gidha ran in a high speed in anger and said – Ravana! Listen to my teachings. Leaving Janaki ji efficiently go home. Otherwise hey many arms! It will happen that – 4
In the terrible fire of the wrath of Shri Ramji, all your descendants will become Patanga (consumed). The warrior Ravana does not answer anything. Then Gidha ran in anger.
He grabbed the hair of Ravana and took it under the chariot, Ravana fell on the earth. Gidha returned to Sitaji on one side and beat Ravana’s body with a beak. This made him unconscious for one hour.
Then the eroded Ravan got angry and took out a terrible dagger and cut Jatayu’s wings from it. The bird (Jatayu) remembered the wonderful Leela of Shri Ramji and fell on the earth.
Ravan walked with great impetus by putting Sitaji on the chariot again. He was not afraid. Sitaji is mourning in the sky. It is as if there is a frightened deer lying in the control of a victim (trapped in a trap)!
Seeing the monkeys sitting on the mountain, Sitaji took a sack and put on his clothes. Thus he took Sitaji and kept him in the Ashoka forest.
After showing a lot of fear and love to Sita, when that wicked was defeated, then he made them diligently (after making all the arrangements correct) and placed them under the Ashoka tree.

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