Kaikeyi visits Ayodhya Kand Sri Ramcharitmanas

Kaikeyi visits Ayodhya Kand –Papini Manthara took a very bad ambush and said – Go to Kopbhavan. Do all the work very carefully, do not trust the king suddenly (do not get into his words).

The queen, who considered Kubri as dear to life, repeatedly spoke of her great wisdom and said – I have no one else like you in the world. You have given me support for the book.
If the creator completes my wish tomorrow, then friend! Let me make you an effigy of the eyes. In this way, Kaikeyi went to the Kop Bhavan with great respect for the maid.
The calamity (discord) is the seed, the maid is the rainy season, Kaikeyi’s kubudhi (to sow that seed) has become ground. The sprout broke out after getting water like hypocrisy in it. Both boons are two leaves of that sprout and in the end, it will have the result of its sorrow.
Kaikeyi slept all of the wrathfully (in the Kopbhavan). While ruling, she was destroyed by her wicked intellect. There is a rage in the palace and the city. Nobody knows this mischief.
All the men and women of the city are decorating with auspicious invocation with great joy. Some go in, some go out, there is a huge crowd in the Rajdwar.

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Hearing the news of Sri Ramachandraji’s child Sakha raja tilaka, he is happy in his heart. Together they go to Shri Ramchandraji ten-five. Recognizing love, Lord Shri Ram Chandraji respects him and asks Komal Vani with skill.
Because On getting permission from their beloved Sakha Shri Ramchandraji, they return home praising each other with Shri Ram Chandraji and say- Who is going to take care of modesty and affection like Shri Raghunathji in the world?
God gives us this, that in our vagina we are born, there, there (in that vagina), we must be servants and Sitapati Shri Ramchandraji is our lord and this connection should be fulfilled till the end.
Everyone has similar desires in the city, but Kaikeyi’s heart is jealous. Who is not destroyed by getting frustrated According to the dictates of lowly, there is no cleverness to walk.
At dusk, King Dasharatha went to Kaikeyi’s palace with Anand. It is as if you have gone to cruelty wearing only your body!
Hearing the name of Kop Bhavan, the king was shocked. Due to fear, his feet do not fall forward. Devraj Indra himself dwells on the strength of his arms (fearlessly from the demons) and the whole king whose people keep watching.
So The same king Dasharatha got dry after hearing the wrath of the woman. See the majesty and glory of Cupid. Those who are going to bear the injuries of trident, thunderbolt and sword etc. on their limbs, they were killed by Pushpanaban of Ratinath Kamdev.
So The king fearfully went to his beloved Kaikeyi. He was very sad to see his condition. Kaikeyi is lying on the ground. The old one is wearing thick cloth. The body’s ornaments have been remove and thrown away.
How is this maladjustment (bad rash) being fed to that ill-fated Kaikeyi, as if giving information about future widowhood? The king went near him and said with a soft voice – O life! Why should you be sick?

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