Kakabhushundiji goes to Lomashji and gets curse and grace

Kakabhushundiji goes to Lomashji and gets curse and grace


Kakabhushundiji -After remembering the words of Guruji, my mind got set at the feet of Shri Ramji. I used to sing the fame of Shri Raghunathji every moment, receiving new love. On the summit of Sumeru mountain, Lomash Muni was seated in the shadow of the elder. Seeing them, I bowed them at his feet and uttered very poor words. Hey, Birds! Hearing my very humble and tender words, kindly monks started asking me with respect – O Brahmin! What work have you come here for? Then I said- O Kripa Nidhi! You are omniscient and intelligent. O Lord, call me the process (worship) of Saguna Brahma.

Then O bird! Munishwar told some stories about the qualities of Shri Raghunathji with respect. Then those Brahm Gyan Paranayan sciences, the Muni, knowing me as the supreme authority. Brahma began to preach that he is unborn, Advaita, nirguna and the lord of the heart (Antaryami). No one can measure it through intelligence, it is wishless, nameless, formless, knowable by experience, unbroken and uncharted. It is pure, beyond the mind and senses, harmless, devoid of form, limitless, and without pleasure. The Vedas sing that he is you, (Tatvamasi), just like a wave of water and water, there is no difference between you and him. The sage explained to me in many ways, but Nirguna Do not sit in my heart.

I then nodded at the feet of the monk and said- O Munishvara! Call me worship of virtuous Brahman. My mind is becoming a fish in the water of devotion (I am being rummed in it). Hey clever Munishwar how can he be different from her in such a situation? Please show me the same sermon (remedy) by which I can see Shri Raghunathji with my own eyes. (First), looking at Sri Ayodhyanath with an eye, then I will listen to the teachings of Nirguna. The sage then represented Nirguna by denying the virtue, saying Anupam Harikatha. Then, after removing the Nirguna opinion (by cutting), I started to represent Saguna after much persistence. I replied, it caused anger in Muni’s body. Oh, Lord! Listen, anger is instilled in the heart of the learned even after insulting him. (Kakabhushundiji)

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If someone rubs sandalwood too much, then the fire will also emerge from it. The sage repeatedly began to represent knowledge with anger. Then I sat and started making many kinds of guesses in my mind. What is anger without dualism, and what can be dualism without ignorance? Can the various root creatures who are under the influence of Maya be like God?

Can anyone ever be sad to seek the interest of everyone? Who can have poorness with someone who has Parasmani? Can those who malign others be fearless, and can the Kami remain stigmaless (immaculate)? What dynasty can remain after doing evil to a Brahmin? What can (unconsciously) be deeds when the form is identified (self-knowledge)? Has anyone’s intelligence arisen from the company of the wicked? What is the best speed one can get? Those who know God can fall into birth and death? Can those who condemn God ever be happy?

Can a state remain without knowing its policy? What sins can remain if you describe Shri Hari’s character? Can there be holy fame (attained) without virtue? Can anyone get enough harm even without sin? Whose glory do the Vedas, saints and Puranas sing, and is there any other benefit like that Hari devotion? Hey brother! Is there any other harm in the world, that even after getting the body of a human being, the hymn of Shri Ramji should not be done? (Kakabhushundiji)

Is there any other sin like chewing? And hey Garuda! Is there any other religion like mercy? Thus I used to think countless tips in mind and would not listen to the sermon of Muni with respect. When I repeatedly established the aspect of virtue, then the Muni uttered angry words. Hey idiot! I give you the best education, even then you do not believe it and keep many answers. Does not believe my true word. Like a crow, everyone is afraid. Hey idiot! There is a big obstinacy of your side in your heart, so soon you become a chandal bird (crow). I beheaded Muni’s curse with joy. (Kakabhushundiji)

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I was not scared or humbled by that. Then I immediately became a crow. Then after walking at the feet of Muni and remembering Raghukul Shiromani Shri Ramji, I flew away with joy. (Shiva says-) O Uma! Those who are lovers of Shri Ramji’s feet and devoid of work.

pride and anger, see the world full of their Lord, then whom should they hate? (Kakbhushundiji said-) O bird, Garuda! Listen, there was nothing to blame the sage. Vibhushan of Raghuvansh, Shri Ramji is the one who inspires everyone. Kripa Sagar Prabhu has tested my love by having forgotten the wisdom of the Muni (forgetting). When God knew me as his slave through mind, word and deed, then God turned the sage’s intellect back. The sage saw the nature of my great men (patience, akrodha, Vinay etc.) and special faith at the feet of Shri Ramji. Then the Muni repented with great sorrow and called me respectfully.

He satisfied me in many ways and then gave me Ram mantra cheerfully. Kripanidhan Muni told me the meditation (method of meditation) of Sri Ramji as a child. I loved this beautiful and relaxing meditation. I have already told you that meditation. The sage kept me there (for some time). Then he described Ramcharit Manas. After telling me this story with respect, the monk then spoke to me with a beautiful voice. Hey Tat I found this beautiful and secret Ramcharit Manas by the grace of Shiva. You know the ‘personal devotee’ of Shri Ramji, that’s why I told you all with character detail. Hey Tat Those who do not have devotion to Shri Ramji in their heart, should never say it in front of them.

The sage explained it to me very kindly. Then, with love, I raised my head at the feet of the sage. Munishwar, by touching my head with his karmakalas, was delighted and blessed that now, by my grace, deep devotion in your heart will forever be settled. May you always be adored by Shri Ramji and abode of the virtues of welfare, honorable, capable of taking the form of desire, wishing death (one who dies only if he desires to leave his body, does not die without desire) and stores of knowledge and disinterest Ho॥ Not only this, in the ashram in which you reside, remembering Lord God, there will not be avidya (Maya fascination) for one purpose (four curses). Any sorrow arising out of time, deeds, virtues, faults and nature will never spread to you. (Kakabhushundiji)

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Many types of beautiful Shri Ramji’s secrets (character and qualities of the secret heart), which are secret and revealed in history and Puranas. (Described and targeted)॥ You will also know them all without hard work. May you have a new love at the feet of Shri Ramji. Whatever you wish in your mind, nothing will be rare to fulfill by the grace of Shri Hari. Oh patient, Garuda! Listen, after listening to the sage’s blessing, there was a severe celibacy in the sky, O wise sage! May your word be like this (truth). This devotee is my devotee by mind and word. I am very happy to hear Akashvani. I fell in love and all my doubts kept going. Subsequently, after requesting the Muni, by obeying and repeatedly giving heads in his feet. I came to this ashram with joy. (Kakabhushundiji)

With the grace of Lord Shri Ramji, I got a rare groom. Hey Birds! Twenty-seven eons have passed while living here for me. I always sing the virtues of Shri Raghunathji here and clever birds listen to him respectfully. In Ayodhyapuri, whenever Shri Raghuveer wears a human body for the benefit of the devotees, Then and again I go and live in the city of Shri Ramji and get happiness after seeing the baby girl. Then O bird! Keeping the infant form of Shri Ramji in my heart, I come to my ashram. The reason why I found the body of the crow, I told you the whole story. Hey Tat I said the answers to all your questions. Aha! There is a huge glory of Ram bhakti. I love my Kak body because in this I got the love of the feet of Shri Ramji. From this body, I saw my Lord and all my doubts kept on going (away). Kakabhushundiji

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