Karna Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Karna Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Karna Parv –There is no festival under Karna festival and the number of chapters is 96. In this festival, after the death of Dronacharya, the consecration of Karna in the post of Kaurava commander, the fierce war by the Kaurava army under the leadership of Karna, the might of the Pandavas, the chariot of Karna by surgery, the fierce destruction of the Kaurava army by Arjuna, Karna and Arjuna. The battle, the wheel of Karna’s chariot drowned in the earth, Karnavadha by Arjuna, the mourning of the Kauravas, the consolation of Duryodhana by surgery are described.

Karna’s generalship

After the death of Dronacharya, Karna was made the general of the Kauravas. Karna vowed that I will kill the Pandavas with full force.

Sixteenth day war

Karna pioneered his army. Nakula came in front of Karna at this time. Karna injured Nakula. But he did not kill Nakula by remembering his vow given to Kunti. Arjuna, on the other hand, was fighting with the Sanataks. Krishna told Arjuna that you have to fight with Karna. Then the sunset and the war stopped. In the night, Karna told Duryodhana that Arjuna had huge chariots, skilled charioteers, Gandivas, Akshay Tunir etc. We do not worry about all this, but we need a skilled charioteer. Krishna is needed. Maharaj Shalya is well versed in this art like Krishna. If they operate my chariot, then there will definitely be success in war. Shalya accepted to be the charioteer of Karna, but said that I do not trust my tongue. Somewhere Karna is angry with me and does not do anything wrong, I am afraid of this. Surgery accepted Karna to be the charioteer.

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Seventeenth-day war
In the morning Karna and Arjun came face to face. At the same time Karna saw that Bhima is killing the Kaurava-Sena. Bhima also released an arrow on Karna, causing Karna to faint. Seeing this, the surgeons drove the chariot away.
As soon as Karna’s chariot became invisible, Bhima started killing the Kauravas at an even faster rate. Duryodhana sent Dushasan to confront Bhima. A fierce struggle broke out in both. Seeing the occasion, Bhima hit the head of Dushasan with mace, uprooted his hands and tearing his chest as per his promise, started drinking his blood. At the same time Karna’s unconsciousness awakened. He again entered the battlefield and wounded Yudhishthira. His chariot drove away his chariot. On the other hand, Arjuna returned after killing the supporters and it was found that Yudhishthira had left the battlefield. Arjuna went to the camp to see them. Yudhishthira was suffering in agony, he heard Arjun being burnt. Arjuna also took out the sword, but Krishna pacified them both.

Karna Parv passed away

Today Arjuna had a direct encounter with Karna. They were cutting each other’s arrows. Arjuna injures Karni’s charioteer Shalya. When Karna left the fire and Arjuna, the water arrow. Karna flew the clouds with air weapons. Arjuna left Nagastra, to which Karna answered Garudastra. Arjun had “Narayanastra” cut of this weapon of Karna, but Arjuna did not leave him due to being forbidden in man-war. When Karna released a divine arrow, Krishna bowed the horses on their knees. At the same time, the wheel of Karna’s chariot got stuck in the ground. Karna prayed not to shoot arrows for some time as per the Dharma war, but Arjun said that where did your religion go while killing Abhimanyu. Karna hit an arrow in Arjun’s chest that caused him to become unconscious and meanwhile started removing the wheel of his chariot. Arjun regained consciousness in a while. Seeing Karna unarmed, Krishna told Arjuna that this is the time to shoot arrows at Karna or else you will not be able to kill Karna. Arjuna did the same. Karna was beheaded. There was an outcry among the Kauravas as soon as Karna died. Duryodhana was worried at night. Kripacharya explained that now treaty with the Pandavas, but Duryodhana was still in favor of war. Duryodhana said that you are now, Ashwatthama. I want Mama Shalya to be made the general. Surgery accepted the post of general.

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