Kausalya Sunayana-Dialogues, Modesty of Shri Sitaji

Kausalya Sunayana –Everybody is saying that we are not worthy of this happiness, where are our such fortunes? Both societies have a natural love at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji.

In this way everyone is wishing. As soon as they hear their loving words (listeners) they take away the minds. At the same time, the sent maidens of Sita’s mother, Mr. Sunayanaji, came to see the beautiful opportunity (to meet Kausalaji etc.).
After hearing from him that all the Sita’s mother-in-laws are presently in leisure, Janakraj’s Raniwas came to meet him. Kausalaji respectfully respected him and gave timely postures.
Seeing and listening to the modesty and love of everyone on both sides, the hard thunderbolt also melts. The bodies are pulsed and relaxed and the eyes (of mourning and love) have tears. Everyone started scratching the ground with their fingernails and thinking.
All are idols of Shri Sita-Ramji’s love, as if compassion itself is dissolving (wearing sorrow) by wearing a lot of rash Sita’s mother Sunayanaji said- The wisdom of the creator is very crooked, which is breaking a soft object like milk froth with the thunderbolt (that is, the one who is very gentle and innocent is suffering disaster upon disaster).
Amrit is only heard and poison is seen everywhere. All the acts of the Creator are terrible. Wherever there are crows, owls and herons (visible), the swan is only in a Mansarovar.
Hearing this, Goddess Sumitraji started mourning, saying – The trick of the creator is very opposite and strange, which creates and sustains the creation and then destroys it. The wisdom of the creator is naive like the play of children.
Kausalyaji said- there is no fault of anyone, sorrow-happiness, loss-gain are all subject to karma. The pace of karma is difficult (unknowable), only the creator knows it, who is the giver of all auspicious and inauspicious fruits.
God’s command is on everyone’s head. Origin, status (observance) and rhythm (destruction) and nectar and poison are also on the head (all of them are also subject to the same). Hey goddess! It is futile to think fascinated. The master of the Creator is such an immovable and eternal.
God’s command is on everyone’s head. Origin, status (observance) and rhythm (destruction) and nectar and poison are also on the head (all of them are also subject to the same). Hey goddess! It is futile to think fascinated. The master of the Creator is such an immovable and eternal.
The friend who worries in the heart by remembering the death and living of the King, he is a friend! We do (selfishly) seeing the loss of our own interest. Mother of Sitaji said- Your statement is good and true. You are the queen of Avadhpati (Maharaj Dasarathaji), the limitless form of saints. (Then why wouldn’t you say that)
Kausalyaji said with a sorrowful heart- Shri Ram, Lakshmana and Sita go to the forest, the result will be good or bad. I worry about Bharat.
With the grace and blessings of God, my (four) sons and (four) daughters-in-law are as holy as the waters of Ganga. Hey friend! I never prayed to Shri Rama, so today I take the oath of Shri Rama and say with the true spirit.
Saraswatiji’s intellect is also hesitant to describe Bharata’s modesty, virtue, humility, nobility, brotherhood, devotion, trust and goodness. Can seas descending from an oyster?
I always know Bharat as the lamp of the family. Maharaj also told me this again and again. Gold is recognized only when it is tightened and the gemstone is found by the connoisseur (jeweler). Similarly, when the time of examination of a man is attained by his nature (seeing his character).
But today I also say it is unfair. Sayanapan (prudence) reduces in mourning and affection (people will say that I am praising Bharata with affection). All the queens got confused with affection on hearing Kausalyaji’s declaration as holy as Gangaji.
Kausalyaji again endured and said – O Goddess Mithileshwari! Listen, who can preach to you the store of knowledge, Shri Janakji’s Priya
Hey queen! On getting the chance, you will explain to the king as far as possible from your side and say that Laxman should be kept home and go to Bharat Forest. If this opinion (rightly) fits in the king’s mind,
So do it diligently after careful consideration. I think highly of Bharata. Bharata has deep love. I do not feel good in staying in his house (it is afraid that his life will not be afraid).
Seeing the nature of Kausalyaji and listening to his simple and good speech, all the queens were immersed in Karun Ras. Flowers of rain fell from the sky and there was a sound of blessedness. Siddha, Yogi and Muni became relaxed with affection.
Seeing the entire Raniwas, he got tired (frustrated), then Sumitraji patiently said, O Goddess! Two nights have passed by. Hearing this, Shri Ramji’s mother Kausalaji woke up with love.
And she spoke in harmony with love – now you go to the camp soon. God is our only movement, or Mithileshwar Janakji is helpful.
Seeing the love of Kausalyaji and listening to his humble words, the beloved wife of Janakji held her holy feet and said- O Goddess! You are the queen of King Dasharathaji and the mother of Shri Ramji. Your kindness is just right.
God also respects his own people. Agni carries smoke and the mountain trun (grass) on his head. Our kings are your servants by deeds, mind and speech, and are always helpful, Shri Mahadev-Parvati ji.
Who is your assistant in the world? Can Deepak go somewhere to help Surya? Shri Ramachandraji will go to the forest and do the work of the deities and will rule in Avadhpuri.
Gods, serpents and humans will all settle happily in their respective places (lokas) on the strength of Shri Ramchandraji’s arms. Yajnavalkya Muni has already said all this. Hey goddess! The sage’s statement cannot be in vain (false).
Saying this, after getting feet with great love and pleading for Sitaji (to be sent along) and getting beautiful orders, then along with Sitaji, she went to the tent of Sitaji’s mother.
Janaki ji met her beloved family in the same way as she was qualified. Seeing Janaki ji under the guise of Tapaswini, everyone became very distraught with grief.
Janakji, following the orders of Shri Ramji’s Guru Vashistha, went to the camp and came and saw Sitaji. Janak ji embraced the heart of his holy love and life.
The sea of love (Vatsalya) rose in his heart. As if the king’s mind became Prayag. Inside that sea, he saw the rising of the (supernatural) affection of Sitaji (Adi Shakti). On that (Sita’s love vest), the child like Rama’s love child (Lord Rama) is embellishing.
Chiranjeevi (Markandeya) Muni in the form of the knowledge of Janakji was distraught and drowned as if he survived by having the support of the child of Shri Ram’s love. In fact (Gyanishiromani), the wisdom of Videharaj is not engrossed in fascination. This is the glory of the love of Shri Sita-Ramji (who also diluted the knowledge of great sage like him).
Due to the love of father and mother, Sitaji became so anxious that she could not handle herself. (But supreme patience) Sitaji, the daughter of the earth, took patience after considering time and beautiful religion.
Janak ji got special love and satisfaction after seeing Sitaji in austerity. (He said-) Daughter! You have purified both families. The whole world is getting bright due to your pure fame, everyone says this.
Your river Kirti Rupi has also flowed into crores of universe by conquering Devanadi Gangaji (which flows in the same universe). Gangaji has made three places on earth (Haridwar, Prayagraj and Gangasagar) as big (shrines). But your river Kirti has made many saints a place of pilgrimage.
Father Janakji uttered a truly beautiful voice out of affection, but listening to his praise, as if Sitaji, hesitated. Father and mother again took him to heart and blessed him with beautiful learning and blessings.
Sitaji does not say anything, but is thinking that it is not good to stay here at night (except serving in-laws). Rani Sunayanaji, seeing Janaki ji’s attitude (after listening to his mind) gave King Janakji the birth. Then both of them started appreciating the modesty and nature of Sitaji in their hearts.

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