Khal Vandana Ram Charit Manas

Khal Vandana Ram Charit Manas


Khal Vandana –Now I bow down to the wicked in the true sense, who, without any purpose, conduct themselves against those who do their own good. It is the loss of the interest of others, in whose sight there is profit, who is glad to destroy others and sad in settling.

Who is like Rahu for the full moon of Hari and Hari of Yama (ie wherever they describe Yash of Lord Vishnu or Shankar, they obstruct them) and is as brave as Sahasrabahu in doing evil of others. Those who see the faults of others with a thousand eyes and for the ghee like others whose mind is like a fly (ie, just as a fly falls into ghee and spoils it and dies itself, similarly wicked people They spoil the work done by doing their own loss).

Who is like Yamraj in fire and anger in Tej (heat burning others), rich in wealth in sin and demerit like Kubera, whose rising is similar to Ketu (the last star) to destroy the interest of all and Whose good is it to keep sleeping like Kumbhakarna?

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Just as hail destroys you by destroying hail, similarly they even leave their bodies to spoil the work of others. I bow down to the wicked (with a thousand faces) as Seshaji, who describes the foreign faults with a fury greater than a thousand faces.

Again I salute him like King Prithu (who had asked for ten thousand ears to hear the fame of God)

So who hears the sins of others with ten thousand ears. Then I treat him like Indra whom Sura (alcoholic)

So seems to be low and beneficial (for Indra is also good for Suraniak i.e. the army of gods).

Those who find the thunderbolt in the form of a harsh

Because words are always lovely and those who see the faults of others with a thousand eyes.

It is the custom of the wicked that –

Because they are jealous after listening to the interest of anyone indifferent, enemy or friend. Knowing this, with folded hands.

this man lovingly pleads with them

I have pleaded on my behalf.

but they will never miss their side.

Raise crows with great love, but can they ever be a renunciate of flesh?

Mother, again and again, regards.happy mothers day.

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