King Dasharatha’s son’s death sacrifice, queens getting pregnant

King dasharath ka putreshti yagy –They (monkeys) filled the mountains and forests with their beautiful army everywhere. All this beautiful character I said. Now listen to the character who was left in the middle.

In Awadhpuri, Raghukul Shiromani became the king named Dasaratha, whose name is famous in the Vedas. He was virtuous, a repository of virtues, and knowledgeable. He had a devotion to the God who wore the rainbow in his heart and his intellect was also engaged in them.

Dear queens like her Kausalya etc. were all of pure conduct. She was (elder) Vineet and husband-friendly (walking) and she had a strong love for Shri Hari’s feet.

Once the king felt very guilty that he had no son. The king immediately went to the Guru’s house and bowed at the feet and pleaded very much.

The king told all his happiness and sorrow to the Guru. Guru Vashisthaji explained to him in many ways (and said-) Be patient, you will have four sons, who will be famous in the three worlds and will defeat the fear of devotees.

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Vashistha summoned Shringi Rishi and performed auspicious son Kameshti Yajna. So Agni Dev appeared with Charu (Havishan Kheer) in his hand on offering sacrifices with devotion to the sage.

(And Dasharatha said-) Vashishtha proved all the thoughts that you had in your heart. Hey Rajan! (Now) you go and distribute this poison (emulsion), as appropriate, in such away.

Subsequently, Agnidev was imprison by explaining the entire assembly. The king was engrossing in ecstasy, there was no joy in his heart.

At the same time, the king called his beloved wives. Kausalya etc. everyone (queens) came there. The king gave half of the (emulsion) to Kausalya, and divided the remaining half into two.

So The king (one of them) gave it to Kaikeyi. The remaining who survived remained in two parts, and the king placed them on the hand of Kausalya and Kaikeyi (ie, taking his permission) and thus pleased them and gave them to Sumitra.

In this way all the women became pregnant. She was very happy in her heart. He got great happiness. From the day Shri Hari came (from Leela) in the womb, happiness and wealth took hold in all the realms.

Shobha, Sheel, and Tej’s Khan (remained) all queens adorned in the palace. Thus some time was spent happily and the occasion came in which the Lord was to appear.

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Durga Saptashati Chapter Fifth

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