Kumbhakarna war and its ultimate

Kumbhakarna war and its ultimate

On hearing the words of his brother, Vibhishan returned and came to where Bhushan of Triloki was Shri Ramji. (Vibhishan said-) O Nath! Like a mountain (huge) body, Randhir Kumbhakarna is coming.

When the apes heard so much with their ears, they ran out of the strong fortress. The trees and mountains (uprooted) got up and (with anger) cut their teeth and started putting them on it.
Badgers and monkeys attack him with the peaks of crores of mountains in one go, but neither his mind was bent (distracted) nor his body postponed as if anything on elephants by hitting the fruits of madar Does not effect!
Then Hanumanji hit him with a punch, due to which he got distraught and fell on the earth and started beating his head. Then he got up and killed Hanumanji. He immediately fell on the earth after being dizzy.

Ravana awakens Kumbhakarna, Kumbhakarna preaches to Ravana and Vibhishana-Kumbhakarna dialogue

Then he beat Nal-Neel to the earth and threw other warriors wherever he was. The monkey army fled. Everyone became extremely afraid, no one comes forward.
Then he beat Nal-Neel to the earth and threw other warriors wherever he was. The monkey army fled. Everyone became extremely afraid, no one comes forward.
After fuming Angadadi monkeys including Sugriva, he then pressed the limit of unlimited force Kumbhakarna Vanararaj Sugriva into the armpit.
(Shiva says-) O Uma! Shri Raghunath Ji is performing Narleela in the same way that Garuda plays together in a group of snakes. Who eats the time even with the mere gesture of an eyebrow (without diligence), does such a battle suit him?
God (hereby) will spread the fame that sanctifies the world, which by singing, humans will permeate the Bhavsagar. Unconsciousness kept going, then Maruti Hanumanji woke up, and then he started searching for Sugriva.
Sugriva also lost his unconsciousness, then he (through the corpse) slipped (fell down from the armpit). Kumbhakarna knew him dead. He cut Kumbhakarna’s nose and ears with teeth and then roared towards the sky, then Kumbhakarna came to know.
He grabbed Sugriva’s leg and beat him to the earth. Then Sugriva got up very quickly and killed him and then the powerful Sugriva came to the Lord and said – Kripanidhan Prabhu hail, hail, hail.
Nose-ears were cut off, there was great guilt in knowing this and he returned in anger. One, he was awful by nature (shape) and then it became even more terrible without a nose and ears. On seeing him, fear arose in the army of apes.
Calling ‘Raghuvanshmani ki Jai Ho, Jai Ho’, the apes rushed to the forest, and they all left groups of trees and trees on it at once.
In the enthusiasm of Ran, Kumbhakarna went against (his) as if Kaal was coming in anger. He grabbed crores of monkeys and started eating them! (They began to enter his mouth like this) as if locusts were contained in a mountain cave.
Holding crores (apes), he crushed the body. Millions are rubbed with hands and mixed into the dust of the earth. The taunts of the bears and apes are running out of the way of his face, nose and ears.
In the head of Rann, the demon Kumbhakarna became proud as if the creator had surrendered the whole world to him and he would fall. All the warriors ran away, they did not even return. They do not understand with eyes and do not listen by calling!
Kumbhakarna dispersed the monkey army. Hearing this, the demon army also ran. Shri Ramchandraji saw that his army was distraught and the enemy’s various types of army had arrived.
Then Kamalnayan Shri Ramji said – Hey Sugriva! Hey Vibhishan! And O Laxman! Listen, you handle the army. I see the force and army of this evil one.
With a shargandhanush in his hand and a tarkar in his waist, Shri Raghunathji went to dalan the enemy army. The Lord first struck the bow, whose enemy was deaf when he heard the terrible voice.
Then Satyaprati Shri Ramji released one lakh arrows. They went as if they had gone with the winged snake. Many arrows went everywhere, from which fierce demon warriors began to be cut.
Their feet, chest, head and arms are cut. Many heroes have hundred pieces. The wounded are lying on the earth after being dizzy The best warriors then rise up and fight.
As soon as the arrows hit, they thunder like clouds. Many run away after seeing difficult arrows. Without running the head (rash), the rands (torso) are running and are singing (shouting) while uttering the words ‘Catch, hold, kill, kill’.
Lord’s arrows cut terrible demons in just moments. Then they all returned to the arrow and entered into Raghunathji’s desire.
Kumbhakarna thought in his mind that Shri Ramji killed the demonic army in just a moment. Then that Mahabali Veer was very angry and he made a serious battle.
He rages and uproots the mountain and puts it where heavy apes are warriors. Seeing the big mountains coming, the Lord cut them off with arrows and crushed them like dust.
Then Mr. Raghunathji wrathfully shot the bow and released many terrifying arrows. Those arrows enter the body of Kumbhakarna (from behind) thus (that they are not detected), as the lightning dissolves in the cloud.
Blood flows from his black body, as if the caves of Gereu are flowing from the mountain of Kajal. Seeing her distraught, the bear apes ran. As soon as he came closer, he laughed,
And thundering loudly and catching crores and crores of monkeys, he started banging them on the earth like Gajraj and started crying to Ravana.
Seeing this, the herds of bears ran like flees of sheep looking at wolves! (Shiva says-) O Bhavani! The apes and bears became distraught and ran away, calling with the call of attentions.
(They started saying-) This is similar to the demon famine, who now wants to fall in the country of monkeys. O Lord Rama, the cloud that bears the water of grace! Hey enemies of Khar! O refugee who suffers! Protect, Protect!
As soon as he heard the words of compassion, the Lord corrected his bow and arrow. Shri Ramji, the great force, took the army behind him and he (alone) moved angrily (proceeded).
He pulled a bow and made a hundred arrows. The arrow was released and fell into his body. As soon as the arrows hit, he ran in anger. Due to his running, the mountains began to waver and the earth started moving.
He uprooted a mountain. Raghukul Tilak Shri Ramji cut off his arm. Then he ran with the mountain in his left hand. God also cut his arm and dropped it on the earth.
When the arms were cut, that wicked began to admire, like a mountain without wings. He looked at the Lord with fierce eyes. As if you want to swallow all the three worlds.
He ran out with a loud giggle. Siddha and God fear in the sky! Yes! Yes! Thus began to call.
Karunanidhan God made the gods fearful. Then they stretched the bow to the ear and filled the monster’s face with a group of arrows. Even then that Mahabali did not fall on earth.
He ran in front of (Lord) with an arrow in his mouth. It is as if a lively form of time is coming. Then the Lord took a sharp arrow in anger and separated his head from the torso.
He ran in front of (Lord) with an arrow in his mouth. It is as if a lively form of time is coming. Then the Lord took a sharp arrow in anger and separated his head from the torso.
While pressing the apes and bears and nocturns under them, both of them fell on the earth as if two mountains fell from the sky. His glory fell in the face of Lord Ramachandra. (Seeing this), the deity and the sage all considered surprise.
The Gods are showering flowers, cheering and praising many flowers. After praying, all the gods went away. At the same time Devarshi Narada came.
From above the heavens he sang the beautiful heroic qualities of Shri Hari, who loved the Lord’s heart very much. The sage went away saying that now kill the evil Ravana soon. (At that time) Shri Ramchandraji came to the battlefield and was (extremely) beautified.
Kosalpati Shri Raghunathji with matchless strength is adorned in the battlefield. There are drops of sweat on the face, eyes like red lotus are turning red. There are particles of blood on the body, bow and arrow are flying with both hands. The bears are beautified all around. Tulsidasji says that Sheshji cannot even describe this image of God, who has many (thousand) faces.
(Shiva says-) O Church! Kumbhakarna, the evil demon and the mine of sin, was also given his supreme abode by Shri Ramji. Therefore, those human beings are (surely) retarded, who do not worship those Shri Ramji.
At the end of the day, both the armies returned. (In today’s war), the warriors were very tired, but by the grace of Shri Ramji, the force of the monkey army increased in the same way as fire increases greatly by getting grass.
On the other hand, the demons are decreasing day and night in the same way, by virtue of their own mouth, the virtues decrease. Ravana is moaning a lot. He repeatedly beheads the brother (Kumbhakarna) with a heart.
The women are crying after beating their chest with their hands, saying their great heavy power and force. At the same time Meghnad came and told his father by telling many stories.
(And said-) See my effort tomorrow. What do I brag about now? Hey Tat The force (and chariot) that I had received from my presiding deity, had not yet shown you.
Thus, while bragging, it became dawn. Many monkeys hit the four doors of Lanka. Here, there are brave apes and bears similar to Kaal, and there are very random monkeys.
The warriors on both sides are fighting for their respective glory. O Garuda their war cannot be described.

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