Lakshagriha conspiracy ~ Mahabharata The Varnavat Conspiracy Story ~ Mahabharat

Lakshagriha conspiracy ~ Mahabharata The Varnavat Conspiracy Story ~ Mahabharat In Hindi |

The Pandavas were living a quiet life in Hastinapur with their mother Kunti, but Daivayog and Shakuni’s deceit caused a fire of hatred in them and the Kauravas. Duryodhana was a man of great intelligence. At the behest of his maternal uncle Shakuni, he tried to kill the Pandavas many times in his childhood. When Yudhishthira was more superior in virtues than he was in his youth, Shakuni tried to burn the Pandavas in a house built by Lakshya and set them ablaze, but with the help of Vidura, the five Pandavas along with their mother burned that burning house. Went out safely

Yudhishthira became very popular among the people of Hastinapur due to his excellent qualities. Seeing his qualities and popularity, Bhishma Pitamah asked Dhritarashtra to crown Yudhishthira. Duryodhana did not want Yudhishthira to be the king, so he told his father Dhritarashtra – “Father! If Yudhishthira once attained the throne, this kingdom will become a Pandava dynasty forever and we Kauravas should remain his servants. Will have to. ”

Dhritarashtra said on this – “Watts Duryodhana! Yudhishthira is the eldest of the children of our clan, therefore he has the right over this state. Even then Bhishma and the people want to make him king. We cannot do anything about this. ”

Listening to the words of Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana said- “Father, I have managed it. Just send the Pandavas to Varanavat somehow.” Duryodhana had built a building called Purochan, which was made of extremely flammable materials like lac, fat, dry grass, moons, for the residence of the Pandavas in Varanavat.

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Duryodhana conspired to burn the Pandavas in that building. In Dhritarashtra’s direction, Yudhishthira left with his mother and brothers to go to Varanavat. Vidur came to know about the conspiracy of Duryodhana.
So they met the Pandavas on their way to Varanavat and said to them – “Look, Duryodhana has built a building for you guys in Varanavat city with flammable materials, which will ignite as soon as the fire starts. So you guys from inside the building To reach the forest, a tunnel must be built so that you can protect yourself in case of fire.

I will send the tunnel builder to you secretly. You guys stay in that lacquer with great care. ” In Varanavat, Yudhishthira built a secret tunnel with the help of an artisan sent by his uncle Vidur. ( Lakshagriha conspiracy )

The Pandavas started searching for a place to hide on the pretext of going to the forest for constant hunting. After spending a few days like this, one day Yudhishthira said to Bhima – “Bhima! Now we must flee by burning the evil priest in this lacquer.”

On the same night, Bhima called Purochan on some pretext and imprisoned him in a room in that building. After that, the building was set on fire and along with his mother, Kunti and brothers escaped into the forest through the tunnel.

When the news of the Laksha Griha being consumed reached Hastinapur, the people there were extremely sad considering the Pandavas dead. All the Kauravas including Duryodhana and Dhritarashtra also pretended to grieve and in the end, they got the Pandavas cremated. ( Lakshagriha conspiracy )

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