Lanka description, lankini slaughter, enter Lanka

Lanka description, lankini slaughter, enter Lanka
Many types of trees are decorated with fruits and flowers. He was (very) happy in his mind when he saw a group of birds and animals. Seeing a huge mountain in front, Hanumanji gave up fear and ran over it.
(Shiva says-) O Uma! There is no magnification of monkey Hanuman in this. It is the majesty of God, who also eats Kaal. He climbed the mountain and saw Lanka. It is a very big fort, nothing is said.
He is very high, there is sea around him. The golden light is being the ultimate light of the wall.
There is a gold jewelery studded with bizarre beads, there are many beautiful houses inside it. There are crossroads, markets, scenic routes and streets, the beautiful city is decorated in many ways. Who can count the groups of elephants, horses, mules and groups of foot and chariots! There are teams of demons of many forms, their extremely powerful army is not described.
Forests, gardens, gardens (gardens), Phulwadi, ponds, wells and Bavalis are adorned. Humans, serpents, deities and girls of Gandharvas captivate the minds of sages with their beauty. Somewhere like a mountain, a very big Malla (wrestler) with huge body is thundering. They clash in many akharas in many ways and shout at each other.
Millions of warriors with fierce bodies diligently (carefully) guard the city in all four directions (from all sides). Somewhere evil demons are eating buffaloes, humans, cows, donkeys and goats. Tulsidas has told a little bit about his story that is why he will definitely abandon the bodies of Sri Ramachandra’s arrow in his pilgrimage.
Seeing the majority of the guardians of the city, Hanumanji thought in his mind that the very short form should enter the city at night and night.
There was a demon named Lankini, who went to Lanka (at the gate of Lanka) by remembering Lord Sri Ramachandraji, who took a male form by taking a small (similar) form of Hanumanji mosquito. She said – Where is he going after disrespecting me (without asking me)?
Hey idiot! You have not known my secret as far as (as many) thieves are, they are my diet. Mahakapi Hanumanji hit her with a punch, causing her to vomit on the blood and hit the earth.
Lankini again rose up and started pleading with folded hands. (She said-) When Brahma ji was given away by Ravana, while walking, he told me the identity of the destruction of the demons.
When you are disturbed by the killing of a monkey, then you know that the demons are killed. Hey Tat I have great virtues, which I could see with the eyes of Shri Ramchandraji’s messenger (you).
Hey Tat Even if all the pleasures of heaven and salvation are placed in one pan of the scales, they cannot be equal to the happiness that is held by the mere satsang of love (moment).
Do all the work by entering the city of Ayodhyapuri King Shri Raghunathji with the heart. The poison becomes nectar for him, enemies begin to befriend, the sea becomes like the hoof of a cow, coldness comes in the fire.
And hey Garuda! The Sumeru mountain becomes like a king for him, which Shri Ramchandraji once graciously saw. Then Hanumanji took a very small form and remembered God and entered the city.
They discovered one (each) palace. See innumerable warriors everywhere. Then he went to Ravana’s palace. It was very strange, which cannot be described.
Hanumanji saw him (Ravana) sleeping, but Janaki ji did not appear in the palace. Then a beautiful palace appeared. There (therein) was a separate temple of God.

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