Laxman-Meghnad war

Laxman-Meghnad war, Laxmanji’s power

Religious story

Laxman-Meghnad war, Laxmanji’s power

Those who are in the form of time, are the ashes (fire) of the forest in the form of a group of wicked people, the abode of virtues and the knowledge, and how are Shiva and Brahmaji serving whom they hate?
(So) leave the hats off and give them to Jankiji and please worship Bhagavan, the most affectionate Shri Ramji. Ravana felt his words like an arrow. (He said-) Unfortunate! Go out from here (from here).
You got old, otherwise, you would have killed you. Now my eyes cannot see my face. On hearing these words of Ravana, he (Malyavan) made such a guess in his mind that Shri Ramji now wants to kill it.
He got up calling Ravana a misdemeanor and left. Then Meghnad said angrily – See me in the morning. I will do a lot, what can I say a little? (What I will describe is a little)॥
Ravana was confident after hearing the son’s words. He made her sit on his lap with love. After thinking about it, morning broke. The apes then started going to all four doors.
The monkeys angrily surrounded the inaccessible fort. There was a lot of noise in the city. The demons ran with various weapons and they demolished the peaks of the mountains on the fort.
They demolished crores of peaks of mountains, started shelling in many ways. Those shells are like a thunderclap (lightning has fallen) and warriors thunder as if it were clouds of doomsday. The warrior apes fight, get cut (injured), their bodies become shabby (sieve), even then they do not lie (do not lose courage). They lift the mountain and throw it on the fort. Demons are killed wherever they are.
Meghnad heard with ears that the monkeys came and surrounded the fort again. Then he descended from the Veer fort and played in front of them by playing a danka.
(Meghnad said by calling-) Where are the two brothers, the famous archer Kosaladhish in all the worlds? Where are the limits of Nal, Neel, Dvidya, Sugriva, and Bal? Angad and Hanuman?
Where is Vibhishan, who is a slandering brother? Today I will stubbornly kill everyone and that evil person. Saying this, he made a hard arrow on the bow and in extreme anger pulled it to the ear.
He started leaving groups of arrows. As if many winged snakes are running. Monkeys started falling everywhere. At that time no one could face him. He started leaving groups of arrows. As if many winged snakes are running. Monkeys started falling everywhere. At that time no one can be in front of him.
The bear-monkey escaped wherever. Everyone forgot the desire for war. There is not a single monkey or bear seen on the battlefield, which he has not made a palliative remnant (that is, only one who does not have the only pranamata left, the force, all the effort is not going away).
Then he shot everyone ten arrows, the monkey heroic fell on the earth. Balwan and Dhir roared like Meghnad Singh and roared.
Seeing the entire army suffering (distraught), Pawansut Hanuman ran in anger as if he himself came running. He immediately uprooted a huge mountain and left it on Meghnad with great anger.
Seeing the mountains coming, he flew into the sky. (His) chariot, charioteer, and horse are all destroyed (crushed) Hanumanji repeatedly challenges him. But he does not come near, because he knew the strength of their strength.
(Then) Meghnad went to Sri Raghunathji and he used many kinds of abuses (towards him). (Then) he shot weapons and other weapons at them. God cut everyone apart in the game itself.
Seeing the greatness of Shri Ram, the fool became ashamed and started performing many kinds of illusion. Like someone taking a small snake child in their hand and scaring the eagle and playing with it.
Shiva and Brahmaji, big and small (all), who are in the power of extremely powerful Maya, show their illusion to the lowly nocturnal wisdom.
After climbing (high) in the sky, he started showering many embers. Currents of water started appearing from the earth. Many types of vampires and vampires danced to the sound of ‘kill, bite’.
He sometimes rained vistas, pus, blood, hair, and bones and sometimes threw many stones. Then, after raining the dust, he made it so dark that his own spread hand did not think.
Seeing Maya, monkey Akula woke up. They started thinking that according to this (remained like this), everyone’s death has come. Shri Ramji smiled seeing this prodigy. They know that all the apes are frightened.
Then Shri Ramji cut off the whole Maya with a single arrow like the sun defeats a group of darkness. Later, he looked at the monkeys with a graceful look, (from which) they became so strong that they did not stop even when they stopped in the battle.
 Seeking permission from Shri Ramji, Shri Laxmanji with angels etc. took a bow and arrow in his hands and walked in anger.
He has red eyes, broad chest and huge arms. Like Himachal Parvat, the bright (Gauravarna) body has some light. Here Ravana also sent big warriors, who ran with many weapons and weapons.
The apes, holding arms like mountains, nails and trees, ran after shouting ‘Shri Ramchandraji ki Jai’. The apes and the demons all clashed with the pair. Jai’s desire was no less (ie, strong) both here and there.

Malyavan’s explaining to Ravana

The apes kill them with fists and sticks, bite them with teeth. The conquering monkeys kill and scold them again. ‘Kill, kill, hold, hold, hold and kill, break head and grab arms and uproot’
Such a voice is filling in the nine sections. Severe rundas (torso) are running everywhere. Gods are watching this prodigy in the sky. Sometimes they regret and sometimes bliss.
The blood is frozen in the pits and dust is blowing on it (the scene is like that) as if the ashes are covered with coals of fire.
How wounded are the heroes, such as the bloated tree trees. Both Laxman and Meghnad warriors confront each other with great anger.
Nobody can win each other (someone). The demon tricks deceit (Maya) and Aniti (unrighteousness), then Lord Anantji (Lakshmanji) is enraged and immediately breaks his chariot and breaks the charioteer to pieces!
Seshaji (Laxmanji) started attacking him in many ways. The monster’s remains were left. Ravanaputra Meghnad speculated in the mind that now life is in trouble, it will take away my life.
Then he wielded virghatini shakti. That great power was in Laxmanji’s chest. Due to the strength, he got confused. Then Meghnad gave up fear and went to them.
Like Meghnad, hundred crore (uncountable) warriors are raising them, but how would Shri Sheshaji (Lakshmanji) rise from them on the basis of the world? Then they left ashamed.
(Shiva says-) O Church! Listen, (in the Holocaust), the fire of gin (Sheshnag )’s fire burns the fourteen Bhuvanas immediately and who can win the battle of the gods, humans, and all the characharas (creatures) who serve them?
One can know this Leela only on whom Shri Ramji is pleased. On the evening, the armies of both sides returned, the commanders began to maintain their respective armies.
Comprehensive, Brahman, invincible, the God of the whole universe and Khan of compassion, Shri Ramchandraji asked- Where is Laxman? Till then Hanuman brought them. Seeing the younger brother (in this case), the Lord felt very sad.

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