Laxman-Ravana War

Laxman-Ravana War

Seeing his army distraught, Lakshmanji got angry with a tight tuck in the waist and bowing at the feet of Shri Raghunathji with a bow in his hand.

(Lakshmanji went near and said-) Hey wicked! What is killing apes? Look at me, I am your age. (Ravana said-) Oh my son’s deadly! I was looking for you. Today I will cool you by beating you.
Having said this, he released a fierce arrow. Laxmanji cut everyone into hundreds. Ravana wields crores of weapons. Laxmanji chopped them equal to sesame and removed them.

Then attacked (with) his arrows and broke the chariot (his) and killed the charioteer. (Ravana’s) ten hundred maushals were killed. They penetrated the ends as if snakes were entering the tops of the mountains.

Then a hundred arrows hit his chest. He fell on the earth, he felt nothing. Then, after leaving unconsciousness, he rose up to the mighty Ravana and he wielded the power that Brahmaji gave him.
She was given the tremendous power of Brahma in the right chest of Lakshmanji. Veer Laxmanji got upset and fell down. Then Ravana began to lift them, but the glory of his matchless force remained, (in vain, he could not lift them). A fool who wants to raise Ravana on whose head the universe-like building resides like a particle of dust! He does not know Lakshmanji, the lord of the three Bhuvanas.

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