10 differences in the marriage and married life of Shri Ram and Krishna

life of Shri Ram and Krishna – Life should be like dignity, but for the protection of religion and justice, one has to be Shri Krishna. The human mind wins in differences. Therefore, for the common people, the married life of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna And know 10 differences of marriage.

life of Shri Ram and Krishna

1. Lord Shri Ram observes social rules and observes fast with only one wife, whereas Krishna had 8 wives.

2. Lord Shri Ram broke the bow in the Swayamvara competition and had swayamvara from Sita while Shri Krishna abducted the rest except his wife Lakshmana, Jamwanti, Satyabhama.

3. Lord Shri Ram spent 2 years in the separation of his wife whereas Shri Krishna never got separated from his wife. However, he remained in the separation of Shri Radha throughout his life.

4. The marriage circumstances of Shri Krishna were also different. But Shri Ram did not show the murli and the ras melody. A wife fasted. Shri Ram turned down everyone’s love requests.

5. Shri Ram loved Sitaji and married her too, but Shri Krishna did love to Radha but married Rukmani, Satyabhama, Jamwanti, Kalindi, etc.

6. The marriage of Shri Ram was done according to the rituals, but Krishna did some marriages with the Gandharva rituals.

7. If Shri Ram is seen, then the happiness of the household is given to him.

Found only nil. On the contrary, Krishna always got the happiness of household.

8. Shri Ram’s name is taken with his wife, while Krishna’s name is taken with his girlfriend Radha.

9. Sita of Shri Ram was Rukmini of Shri Krishna. That is, both are considered to be incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi.

10. Sita of Shri Ram was absorbed in the earth in her last time before Shri Ram, whereas the wives of Shri Krishna had died in different circumstances after Shri Krishna went to his abode. Some went to the forest to do penance and some became sati.


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