Listening to Guruji’s insult and Shiva’s curse                   

Religious story

Listening to Guruji’s insult and Shiva’s curse                   

Guruji was saddened by my conduct. They used to explain me very well, but (I don’t understand anything), on the contrary I would get very angry. Do you ever like the policy?

Once Guruji called me and taught in many ways (charitable) policy, O son! The result of Shivji’s service is that there should be deep devotion at the feet of Shri Ramji.
Hey Tat Shivji and Brahmaji also worship Shri Ramji (then) how much is the matter of a lowly man? Brahmaji and Shiva are lovers of their feet, hapless! Do you want happiness by insulting them?
Guruji called Shivji the servant of Hari. Hearing this, O bird! My heart woke up After learning of the low caste, I became like a snake by feeding.
Arrogant, devious, misfortune and misfortune I would have lied to Guruji day and night. Guruji was extremely kind, he does not feel even the slightest anger. (Even at my insults) He used to repeatedly teach me only good knowledge.
The lowly man who gets the glory, he first kills him and destroys him. Hey brother! Listen, the smoke produced by the fire gets the title of the cloud and extinguishes the same fire.
Dust is lying on the road with disrespect and always suffers the scars of all those who walk. But when the wind blows (elevates) her, first she fills the same (wind) and then falls on the eyes and kirits (crowns) of the kings.
Hey Birds Raj Garuda! Listen, understanding such a thing, wise people do not associate with Adham (lowly). Poets and pundits say such a policy that bickering with the wicked is neither good nor love.
Hey Gosain! Always remain indifferent to that. The wicked should be given away from a distance like a dog. I was evil, full of deceit and wickedness in my heart, (so though) Guruji used to say of interest, but I was not that pleasant.
One day I was chanting Shivnam in Shivji’s temple. At the same time Guruji came there, but due to pride I did not get up and bow to him.
Guruji was kind, (seeing my fault), he did not say anything, even the least amount of anger was not in his heart. But insulting the Guru is a great sin, so Mahadevji could not bear it.
There was a voice in the temple that, oh my luck! idiot! Arrogant! Although your master does not have anger, he is of very compassionate mind and he has (complete and) accurate knowledge.

Shri Ram-Vashistha Dialogue, Shri Ramji’s visit to Amrai with brothers

Even so, idiot! I will curse you, (because) I do not like to oppose the policy. Hey wicked! If I do not punish you, my altar will become corrupt.
Those fools who envy the Guru, they are lying in raraava hell for crores of ages. Then (coming out of there), they wear bodies in oblique (animals, birds etc.) and continue to suffer for ten thousand births.
Hey sinner! You sat like a dragon in front of the Guru. Hey rogue! Thy wisdom is covered with sin, (so) you become a snake and oh, even the least. After finding this downgrade (low snake’s vagina), stay in the hollow of a big heavy tree.
Guruji shouted hearing Shiva’s terrible curse. Seeing me shivering, a great sadness arose in his heart.

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