Love of boatman and crossing the Ganges

Love of boatman and crossing the Ganges –In whose disconnection the animals are distraught in this way, how will the subjects, mother and father live in isolation? Shri Ramchandraji forcibly returned Sumantra. Then you came on Gangaji’s arrow.

Shri Rama asked the boat to boat, but he did not bring it. He started saying – I knew your heart (distinction). For the dust of your lotus feet, everyone says that it is a herb that makes humans.
At the touch of which the stone rock became beautiful woman (my boat is of wood). The wood is not hard with stone. My boat will also become a woman of saint and thus my boat will fly, I will plunder (or stop the way, so that you will not be able to cross and my living will be killed) (My way of earning and eating will be killed).
I raise all the family in this boat. No other business knows. Oh God! If you definitely want to go beyond, then tell me to wash your feet first.
Hey Nath! I will wash you with a lotus and take you to the boat, I do not want to descend anything from you. Hey Ram! I owe your prayers and Dasharathaji, I tell you all the truth. Even though Laxman shoots me with arrows, Tulsidas’s Nath, till I get rid of my feet. Hey kind! I will not overcome
Hearing the strange words wrapped in love of Kewat, Karunadham laughed looking at Shri Ramchandraji Janaki and Lakshmanji.
Brother of the sea of grace, Shri Ramchandraji smiled and said brother! Do that so that your boat does not go. Bring water quickly and wash the feet. It is getting late, cross it.
Once, upon remembering the name, humans go beyond the immense Bhavsagar and who (in Vamnavatara) had reduced the world by three steps (measured Triloki in two steps), the same kindly Sri Ramachandraji (from Gangaji To take off) looking at the boat!
On hearing these words of God, the wisdom of Gangaji was pulled with fascination (how they are looking at the boatman to overcome even though they are Gods), but (when they come near, they see the footprints (place of their origin). Recognizing) Devnadi Gangaji was delighted. (She understood that Lord Narleela was doing this, it destroyed her fascination and she was delighted at the thought that I would be blessed by receiving the touch of these feet.) Kevat got water by filling in the cauldron on the orders of Sri Ramachandraji.
He started washing the feet of God with great joy and love. All the gods showered flowers and thought that there is no amount of virtue like this.
After washing the feet and drinking the water (Charanodak) himself along with all the family, first (through that great virtue) crossed their ancestors from Bhavsagar and then happily took Lord Shri Ramchandraji across Gangaji.
Shri Sitaji and Shri Ramchandraji (by boat) including Nishadraj and Lakshmanji got down and stood in the sand (sand) of Gangaji. Then the boatman descended and worshiped. (Seeing him bowing down) The Lord was hesitant that he had not given him anything.
Sita, who knows her husband’s heart, took off her gem-studded ring (from the finger) with a joyful heart. Kripalu Shri Ramchandraji said to the boatman, take off the boat. Kewat got distraught and held the stage.
(He said-) O Nath! What I did not find today! The fire of my faults, sorrows and poverty has been extinguished today. I worked for a long time. The teacher gave very good wages today.
O O Nath! Hey Deendayal! By your grace I want nothing now. I will take whatever offerings you give me when you return.
Prabhu Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji and Sitaji made a lot of requests (or diligence), but Kevat takes nothing. Then Lord Ramachandraji, the abode of compassion, gave him a boon of pure devotion and left him.
Then Shri Ramchandraji, the lord of Raghukul, took a bath and performed Parthiv puja and gave Shiva the head. Sitaji folded his hands and said to Gangaji – O mother! Will fulfill my wish
So that I can return efficiently with husband and brother-in-law and worship you. Hearing the request of Sitaji soaked in love juice, then the best sound was made from the pure water of Ganga-ji.
Hey Raghuveer’s sweetheart Janaki! Listen, who does not know your influence in the world? People become Lokpal as soon as you see (with a kindness). All Siddhis serve you with folded hands.
What you have told me is a great request, it has been kind to me and has praised me. Even so, O Goddess! I will bless you to make my speech successful.
You will return efficiently to Ayodhya with your pranath and brother-in-law. All your wishes will be fulfilled and your beautiful fame will be spread all over the world.
Sitaji was delighted to hear the words of the original Gangaji of Mangal and seeing Devnadi favored. Then Lord Shri Ramchandraji told Nishadraj Guh that brother! Now you go home! On hearing this, his mouth became dry and a heart developed in his heart.
With folded hands, he uttered a poor word – O Raghukul Shiromani! Listen to my request By staying with Nath (you), showing the way, serving the steps for four (few) days -॥
Hey Raghuraj! In the forest where you will go, I will make beautiful parnakuti (hut of leaves). Then I will give you the command of Raghuveer (you) as I command you, I will do the same.
Seeing his natural love, Shri Ramchandraji took him along, this brought great joy in Guh’s heart. Then Guh (Nishadraj) called the people of his caste and after satisfying them, then sent them away.

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