Mahabharata – The story of the birth of Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna

 birth of Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna –When the education of Pandava and Kaurava princes was completed, they wanted to give Guru Dakshina to Dronacharya. Dronacharya remembered his insult done by the King of Panchal and his former friend Drupada and he said to the princes – “Princes! If you want to give Guru Dakshina, then make the Panchal King Drupada a prisoner and present it to me. You will have a Gurudakshina. ” On the saying of Gurudev, all the princes took their weapons and went towards the Panchal country. ( birth of Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna )

On reaching Panchal, Arjuna said to Dronacharya – “Gurudev! You first allow the Kauravas to fight with King Drupada. If they fail to arrest Drupada, we will fight Pandava.”

On getting the permission of the Guru, the Kauravas under the leadership of Duryodhana attacked Panchal. There was a fierce war between the two sides, but in the end, the Kauravas escaped and escaped. Seeing the Kauravas fleeing, the Pandavas started the attack. The army of the King of Panchal was defeated in front of Bhima and Arjuna’s might.

Arjuna went ahead and made Drupada a prisoner and brought it to Guru Dronacharya. Seeing Drupada as a prisoner, Dronacharya said- “O Drupada! Now I have become the lord of your kingdom. I came to you as your friend, but you did not accept me as your friend. Now tell me what Do you accept my friendship? ”

Ekalavya’s Guruship ~ Mahabharata

Drupada bowed with shame and apologized for his mistake and said, “O Drona, it was a mistake for me not to accept you as a friend and for that, I now have remorse in my heart. Both I and my kingdom are now under your control.”, Now do what you want. ”

Dronacharya said- “You said that friendship is between people of the same class. Therefore, I am returning half your kingdom to you in order to maintain a friendly spirit with you.”

Having said this, Dronacharya handed over the kingdom of the southern bank of the Ganges to Drupada and kept the rest himself. After being defeated by Drona, Maharaj Drupada was extremely ashamed and started thinking of a way to let him down. In this concern, once he wandered and reached the colony of Brahmins of Kalyani city. There he met the great ritualistic Brahmin brothers named ‘Yaz’ and ‘Upayaj’. King Drupada pleased him by serving him and asked him the solution for the slaughter of Dronacharya. On his asking, the elder brother Yaj said- “For this, you please fire Agni by organizing a huge yagna, so that they will give you the gift of a great powerful son.”

Drupada performed Yajna and Upayaja as per his instructions. Pleased with his sacrifice, Agni Dev gave him a son who was full of weapons and armor. After that a girl was born from that sacrificial fire, whose eyes were bright like a blooming lotus, the eyebrows were like the moon and her character was bright. As soon as she was born, there was an All India Radio saying that “this girl is born for the destruction of Kshatriyas and the destruction of Kauravas”. The child was named Dhritashyumna and the girl was named Krishna (Draupadi).

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