Mahaprasthanik Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Mahaprasthanik Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

Mahaprasthanik Parv -There are only 3 chapters in the Mahaprasthanik Parv. The Mahaprasthana of Pandavas including Draupadi is described in this festival. The Pandav Mahaprasthan, along with Draupadi, Yudhishthira, etc., perform Shraddha of the Vrishni clan, with the permission of the people, but in addition to Yudhishthira, everyone becomes dead on the way. Yudhishthira talks with Indra and Dharma and Yudhishthira gets physical heaven.

Pandavas Himalaya Tour

After the death of Shri Krishna, the Pandavas also became very indifferent and quietness developed in their mind. He decided to travel to the Himalayas. After handing over the throne to Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit, Yudhishthira left with his four brothers and Draupadi and reached the Himalayas. He had a dog along with him. Walking some distance, snow started and Draupadi fell. He died Yudhishthira kept moving forward and one by one on the way, all his brothers fell and lost their lives. When Indra came out of his chariot and went away, he wanted to take Yudhishthir to heaven. Yudhishthira said that I do not want to leave this dog. That dog was Yamraj.

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There are a total of 5 chapters in the Ascension Festival. At the end of this festival, the hearing of Mahabharata and the significance of Mahabharata is described. In the first chapter of this festival, Yudhishthira’s dialogue with Narada in heaven and in the second chapter, the angel narrates Yudhishthira to Narakadarshan and the cry of the brothers there, Yudhishthira is determined to stay there. In the third chapter, Yudhishthira is comforted by Indra and Dharma. Yudhishthira leaves the body and goes to heaven. In chapter IV, Yudhishthira meets Sri Krishna and Arjuna in the divine world. In the fifth chapter, Bhishma and other relatives also meet in their former form. The epilogue of the Mahabharata is described thereafter.


Indra took Yudhishthira to heaven. There he saw all the Kauravas, but could not find any of his brothers. He saw his brothers and Draupadi in deep hell. Yudhishthira said that I too will live in hell with them. At the same time Dharmaraja and Indra came there. The whole scene changed as he arrived. Dharmaraja told Yudhishthira that we did this to test you. Yudhishthira saw all his brothers in a happy posture. He left the human body and got the divine body.

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