Malyavan’s explaining to Ravana

Malyavan’s explaining to Ravana

Some were killed, some were injured, some fled to the citadel. Badgers and monkeys (valor) are thundering by distracting the enemy from their force.

Shri Ramji’s arrival across the sea with the army, Abode on Mount Subel, Ravana’s distraction

Knowing it happened at night, four armies (troops) of the apes came there, where Kosalpati Shri Ramji was. As soon as Shri Ramji looked upon everyone with kindness, these monkeys became ashamed.

There (in Lanka) Ravana called the ministers and told the warriors who were killed. (He said-) The monkeys killed half the army! Now tell me quickly, what should be considered?
Malyavant (the one named) was a very old demon. He was the father of Ravana’s mother (ie his maternal grandfather) and the best minister. He said the words of the most sacred policy – O Tat! Listen to some of my lessons too -॥
Ever since you have brought Sita away, ever since then you are becoming so bad that what cannot be described. In the Vedas and Puranas, whose songs have been sung, no one found happiness by turning away from Shri Rama.
Those who killed Hiranyaksha including brother Hiranyakashipu, the mighty Madhu-Catabh, they have descended from the sea god of grace (from Rama Rup)

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