Mandodari-Lament, Ravan’s funeral

Religious story

Mandodari-Lament, Ravan’s funeral

On seeing her husband’s head, Mandodari became distraught and faint and fell on the earth. The women ran crying and picked up that (Mandodari) and came to Ravana.
Seeing her husband’s condition, she started crying and crying. His hair opened, body was not able to handle it. She beats the chest in many ways and speaks of the weeping of Ravana.
(She says-) O Nath! The earth used to tremble forever with your strength. Agni, Moon and Sun were fast in front of you. Even the rest and the tortoise which could not bear the burden, the same body is lying on the earth today filled with dust!

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Varun, Kubera, Indra and Vayu, none of them held patience before you in the battle. Hey master! You had also conquered Kaal and Yamraj with your Bhujbal. You are like an orphan today.
Your sovereignty is famous throughout the world. Woe to the strength of your sons and relatives! There can be no description. Due to the alienation of Shri Ramchandraji, you had such a plight that today there is no one crying in the family.
Hey Nath! The entire creation of the creator was under your control. Lokpal always used to give you a head in fear, but hi! Now your head and arms are eating jackal. It is not unreasonable for Ram Vimukh to happen (ie, it is justified).
Hey husband! Being under the complete control of Kaal, you did not agree to say (anyone) and go to the divine person of the pasture.
In order to burn the forest in the form of fire, you have known Shri Hari as a fire. The deities whom Shiva and Brahma, etc. greet, are dear to the compassionate God! You have not sent This body of yours was ready to sin against others from birth and remained group in sin! Even so, I salute the devoid Brahma Shri Ramji who gave you his abode.
Ahhh! God! There is no other sea of grace like Shri Raghunathji, the God who gave you that speed, which is rare even for the Yogi society.
Hearing the words of Mandodari in the ears, God, Muni and Siddha all considered happiness. Brahma, Mahadev, Narada and Sanakadi, and more who were superlative (those who know and say the essence of God) were the best munis.
They all fell in love with Shri Raghunathji with an eye and became very happy. Seeing all the women weeping in her house, Vibhishanji felt very sad and went to them.
He was sad to see the condition of his brother. Then Lord Shri Ramji commanded the younger brother (that go and give patience to Vibhishan). Laxmanji explained them very kindly. Then Vibhishan returned to the Lord.
The Lord looked at him with kindness (and said-) Quit all mourning and do the funeral action of Ravana. By obeying the Lord and considering the country and time in his heart, Vibhishanji performed all the actions in a lawful manner.
All the women etc. like Mandodari gave her (to Ravana) a visit to the palace describing the virtues of Shri Raghunathji in the mind.


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