Mandodari-Ravana Dialogue

Mandodari-Ravana Dialogue

There (in Lanka), ever since Hanumanji went to burn Lanka, the demons started to fear. In their respective homes, everyone thinks that there is no way to protect the demon clan.

Who can be described as a messenger whose strength is not good, when coming to the city itself (we will have a very bad situation)? Hearing the words of the townspeople from the messengers, Mandodari became very distraught.
She folded her hands in seclusion and started at the feet of her husband (Ravana) and uttered a voice spoken in Nitiras – O dear Quit opposing Mr. Hari. Knowing my words to be very beneficial, wear them in the heart.

After burning Lanka, ask Hanumanji to bid farewell to Sitaji and get Chudamani

Whose thoughts of doing the messenger (as soon as we remember), the wombs of the women of the demons fall, O dear lord! If you want to, then call your minister and send his woman with him.
Sita has come like a winter night grieving your total lotus lotus forest. Hey Nath. Listen, without giving (returning) to Sita, you cannot do well without doing Shambhu and Brahma.
The arrows of Shri Ramji are like a group of snakes and the group of demons is like a frog. Till the time they do not swallow them (swallow), take measures and leave stubbornly.
The foolish and world-famous arrogant Ravana laughed a lot after hearing his voice (and said-) The nature of women is really very timid. You are afraid even in Mars. Your mind (heart) is very raw (weak).
If the army of apes comes, poor demons will eat it and live their life. Even the Lokpal, who tremble with fear, his woman is afraid, it is a matter of laughter.
Ravana laughed and said that he took him to the heart and went to the meeting by increasing Mamata (showing more affection). Mandodari started worrying in the heart that the parents became adverse on her husband.
As he sat in the assembly, he got the news that the entire army of the enemy had crossed over the sea, he asked the ministers to say proper advice (what to do now?). Then they all laughed and said that keep quiet (what is the matter of advice?)
You conquered the gods and demons, then there was no labor. Then what is the number of humans and apes?

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