Manu-Shatrupa Tapa and boon

Manu-Shatrupa –Hey Muneshwar Bharadwaj! I tell you all that, listen diligently. The story of Shri Ramchandraji is one who defeats the sins of Kali Yuga, is well-to-do, and very beautiful.

Swayambhav Manu and (his wife) Shatarupa, which created this unique creation of humans, the religion and conduct of these two spouses were very good. Even today the Vedas sing the honor of whose dignity.

King Uttanapada was his son, whose son (famous) was Haribhakta Dhruvji. His (Manuji) little boy was named Priyavrat, whom the Vedas and Puranas praise.

Then Devahuti was his daughter, who became the beloved wife of Kardam Muni, and who in the womb, Adi Dev, able and compassionate Lord Kapil who had mercy on the poor.

Very well versed in considering the elements Jin (Kapil) God described the Sankhya scripture as manifest, those (Svayambhuva) Manuji ruled for a long time and in all ways obeyed the command of God (the dignity of the form scriptures).

While living at home, old age came, but there is no disinterest in the subjects (thinking this), they felt very sad that Shri Hari’s devotion went away without birth.

Then Manuji forcibly gave the kingdom to his son and swarmed the forest with a woman. The very best Naimisharanya is famous among the pilgrims who are very pious and give perfection to the seekers.

There are groups of sages and Siddhas. King Manu rejoiced in the heart and went there. He was embodied in the path of King and Queen with patient intellects as if body of knowledge and devotion were being worn.

(Walking) They reached the shore of Gomti. Pleased, he took a bath in pure water. Knowing him to be a religious monk, sage, and learned sage came to meet him.

Wherever there were beautiful shrines, the sages respectfully made all the shrines to them. His body was weakened. He wore (Vulcan) clothes from the sages and used to listen to the Puranas regularly in the society of saints.

And used to chant the Dwadakshaka Mantra (Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya) with love. Those kings and queen felt very much in the feet of Lord Vasudev.

He used to eat greens, fruits, and tubers and remember Sachchidananda Brahm. Then he started doing penance for Shri Hari and renounced the original fruit and lived only on the basis of water.

There was a longing in the heart that we (how) to see with the eyes of the Supreme Lord, who is nirguna, unbroken, infinite and eternal, and the charitable (brahmastra, philosopher) people who contemplate.

Those whom the Vedas represent as ‘neti-neti’ (not even this, not even this). Those who are blissful, viceless, and unique and whose parts reveal many Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu Gods.

Such (great) lords are also in the power of a servant and wear (divine) Leela Deity for the devotees. If this word is told truth in the Vedas, then our desire will also be fulfilled.

In this way, six thousand years passed while eating water (doing penance). Then they lived on the basis of air for seven thousand years.

For ten thousand years, he also left the base of air. Both stood with one leg. Seeing his immense penance, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva came to Manuji many times.

He tempted them in many ways and asked for some groom. But this supremely patient (king and queen, with their tenacity) will not be deterred. Although his body was left only as a bone structure, there was no pain in his mind.

The omniscient Lord knew the ascetic king-queen with unique speed (shelter) as ‘Nij Das’. Then there was a voice that was soaked with the nectar of the utmost seriousness and grace that ‘ask for the groom’.

When this beautiful voice, which gives life to the dead, came through the earholes, then the body of the king and queen became such beautiful and heart-rending, as if they had just come home.

His body became pulsed and elated on hearing the words that sounded like nectar in his ears. Then Manuji bowed and said – Love was not in the heart.

Oh, Lord! Listen, you are Kalpavriksha and Kamadhenu for servants. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva also worship your feet. You are able to do service and are the giver of all happiness. You are the protector of refuge and the master of root-consciousness.O welfare of orphans! If you have our affection on us, then please give this boon that your form resides in the mind of Shiva and that which is attained by saints.

The one who is a swan, who is a monk in the form of mana lake of Kakabhusundi, praises the Vedas by saying saguna and nirguna, O Lord who removes the sorrows of refuge! Please be kind that we can see the same form with eyes.

God loved the words of King-Queen soft, modest, and loving in love. Bhaktavatsal, Kripanidhan, the abode of the whole world (or pervasive in the whole world), the all-powerful God has appeared.

Like the blue lotus, a sapphire, and blue (watery) cloud of God (soft, luminous, and succulent) Shyamvarna (Chinmaya), the grace of the body, millions of Cupids are also embarrassed.

His face was like the moon of Sharad (full moon) as the boundary of the image. The cheeks and chin were very beautiful, the throat was like a conch (trilobate, ascending). The red lips, teeth, and nose were very beautiful. Laughter was going to degrade the moon’s rays.

The image of the eyes was very beautiful like a new (blooming) lotus. Manohar Chitwan ji loved very much. The crooked eyebrows were about to defeat the grace of Cupid’s bow. There was a light tilak on the front panel.

Makarakrit (fish-shaped) coil in the ears and crown on the head was adornes. The crooked (curly) black hair was so dense as if there were flocks of eyebrows. The heart was adorned with Srivatsa, beautiful Vanmala, gem-studded necklaces and jewels of jewels.

The lion had a neck, the beautiful Jane. The ornaments in the arms were also beautiful. There were beautiful arms (fluctuating) like the elephant’s trunk. There was a Tarkas in the waist and arrows and Dhanush (getting glorified) in the hand.

(Golden-colored light) Pitamber was about to blaze the lightning. There were three beautiful lines (Trivali) on the stomach. The navel was such a delight as if you take the image of Yamunaji’s whirlpools.

In which the bunnies of the sages reside, those feet of God cannot be described. Shri Jankiji is adorned in the left part of God, who always remains favorable, the basic form of the zodiac sign of the world.

Whose parts produce the uncounted Lakshmi, Parvati, and Brahmani (powers of the trinity) and whose world is created by the gesture of the eyebrows, the same (Lord Shiva’s power) is situated to the left of Shri Sitaji Shri Ramchandraji.

Seeing the beauty of Shree Samudra Shri Hari, Manu and Shatrupa remained stunned (stunned) with eyes (patches) on their eyes. He was looking at that unique form with respect and was not in a hurry.

As Anand became more subdued, he forgot about his body. Holding the feet of God with his hands, he fell on the ground like punishment. The Lord of grace touched his foreheads with his hands and lifted them immediately.

Then God blessing said – Knowing me very happy and considering me as a great donor, ask for the groom that pleases the mind.

Hearing the word of the Lord, with both hands folded and patient, the king gave a soft voice – O Nath! Seeing your feet, all our wishes are fulfill now.

Still, there is a great craving in the mind. It is easy to complete and also very difficult, this is why it is not says that. Hey master! It is very easy for you to complete it, but I find it very difficult due to my humility.

Just as a poor person, hesitant to ask for more money after getting Kalpavriksha, because he does not know its effect, similarly my heart is getting confuses.

Hey master! You are transnational, so you know him. Complete that wish of mine (God said-) O king! Feel free to ask me. I do not have anything to give you.

(The king said-) O head of the Danes! Hey, greed! Hey Nath! I say the true sense of my mind that I want a son like you. What to hide from God!

Seeing the kindness of the king and hearing his invaluable words, Lord Karunanidhan say – so be it. Hey Rajan! Where can I find someone like me (another)? Therefore, I myself will come and become your son.

Seeing Shatrupa Ji with folded hands, God said- O Goddess! Whatever you wish, so ask for it. (Shatrupa said-) O, Nath! Whatever groom the clever king asked, O kind! I loved that a lot,

But Lord! It is very pathetic, though, O devotees of interest! You like that humility too. You are also the father (creator) of Brahma etc., the lord of the world and the Brahm who knows within everyone’s heart.

On understanding this, there is doubt in the mind, yet what the Lord says is the proof (truth). (I demand that) O, Nath! Those who are your personal ones, those who get (supernatural, unbroken) happiness and the ultimate speed which you attain-

So Oh, Lord! Give us the same pleasure, the same speed, the same devotion, the same love at your feet, the same knowledge, and the same loving kindness.

Hearing the excellent syntax of the queen (gentle), the sea of grace, God spoke soft words – I gave you everything that you want in your mind, do not understand any doubt.

Hey, mother By my grace your supernatural knowledge will never be destroy. Then Manu worshiped the feet of God and then said- Lord! I have one more request –

At your feet, I should be as loving as a father to a son, even if someone calls me a big fool. Just like a snake without a gem and a fish without water (cannot live), so let my life be under you (could not live without you).

After asking such a groom, the king was leave holding the feet of God. Then the god of mercy said – so be it. Now obey me and go and live in Devraj Indra’s capital (Amravati).

Hey, Tat Having experienced a lot of enjoyment (of heaven) there, after some time has passed, you will be the king of Awadh. Then I will be your son.

So I will appear in your house after decorating the human form. Because Hey Tat I will do the character giving my body happiness with my parts and give happiness to the devotees.

Hearing those (characters) who are fortunate enough to be disrespectful, abandon Mamta, and the item, they will get away from Bhavnagar. This Adi Shakti will also embody my (swaroopbhuta) Maya, who has created the world.

So In this way, I will fulfill your desire. My vow is truth, truth, truth. Kripaidhan Bhagavan became intransigent by saying so repeatedly.

Because He stayed in that ashram for some time, holding the God-man (king-queen) devotees in his heart, who was kind to God. Then, after finding time, spontaneously (without any trouble) leaving the body, went and lived in Amravati (Indra’s Puri).

(Yajnavalkyaji says-) O Bharadwaj! This very sacred history was tell’s by Shiva to Parvati. Now listen to another reason for taking the incarnation of Shri Ram.

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