Marriage of shivji Ramcharitmanas Balkand

Marriage of shivji

Shivji and Parvatiji worshiped Ganesha with the permission of the sages. In the mind, considering the gods as eternal, one should not doubt hearing this (that Ganesha is a child of Shiva and Parvati, where did he come from before he was married?)

The way the marriage is said in the Vedas, the nobles did all that. Parvatraj Himachal took Kusha in his hand and holding the girl’s hand, knowing him as Bhavani (Shiv wife), surrendered to Shivji.

When Maheshwar (Shiva) penetrated Parvati, then (Indradi) all the gods were very happy in the heart. The best sages started chanting the Vedamantras and the gods started shouting to Shiva.

Many types of instruments started ringing. Many types of flowers showered from the sky. Shiva-Parvati got married. There was joy in the whole universe.

Many kinds of things like maids, slaves, chariots, horses, elephants, cows, clothes and gem, etc., grains and gold utensils were loaded into trains and given in dowry, which cannot be described.

By giving a lot of dowries, then with folded hands, Himachal said – O Shankar! You are complete work, what can I give you? (Having said this much) they were left holding the feet of Shiva. Then Shiva, the ocean of grace, resolved his father-in-law in all ways. Then the heart full of love Mainaji held (and said -) the lotus feet of Shiva.

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Hey Nath! This Uma is like (dear) to me. You will make it a walk in your house and keep forgiving all its crimes. Now be happy and give me this groom.

Shivji explained his mother-in-law in many ways. Then she nodded at Shivji’s feet and went home. Then Mother called Parvati and made her learn beautiful by sitting on her lap.

O Parvati! You worship the feet of Sadashivji, this is the religion of the women. For them, the husband is the deity and there is no deity. Saying such things, tears came to his eyes and he caught the girl from the chest.

(Then said) Why did the Creator create a female caste in the world? Even the dreamer does not get pleasure in dreams. In this way, the mother said she became very devoid of love, but knowing she had time (not knowing the opportunity to grieve), she endured.

Maina meets again and falls (holding Parvati’s) feet. Love is great, nothing is described. Bhavani met with all the women and then wrapped herself in her mother’s heart.

Parvatiji went to meet Mother again, all of whom gave him worthy blessings. Parvatiji used to look at their mother again and again. Then Sakhi took him to Shivji. Mahadevji satisfied all the petitioners and went to the house (Kailas) with Parvati. All the gods were happy and started showering flowers and playing beautiful drums in the sky.

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Then Himwan went with great love to bring Shiva. Brisket (Shivji) left him with great satisfaction.

Mountaineer Himachal immediately came home and called all the mountains and ponds. Himwan honored, donated, humbled, and farewell everyone respectfully.

When Shivaji reached Mount Kailas, all the gods went to their respective worlds. (Tulsidasji says that) Parvatiji and Shivji are the parents of Jagat, so I do not describe their makeup.

Shiva-Parvati started living on Kailas with her ganas while performing various types of enjoyment. He used to frequent new viharas. Thus a lot of time has passed.

Then the six-faced son (Swamikartik) was born, who (when growing up) killed Tarakasura in battle. In Vedas, scriptures, and Puranas, the story of the birth of Swamikarthik is famous and the whole world knows it.

The whole world knows the birth, karma, Pratap, and great effort of Saphanan (Swamikartika), so I have only briefly mentioned the character of the son of Vrishketu (Shivji). The men and women who will say and sing this story of the marriage of Shiva-Parvati will always find happiness in the works of welfare and marriage

The character of Girijapati Mahadevji is similar to the sea (immense), even his Vedas are not available. Then how can Tulsidas describe with great mind and clairvoyance?

Muni Bharadwajji found great happiness after listening to the juicy and pleasant character of Shivji. His desire to listen to the story increased greatly. Water flooded in the eyes and erected the oval.

He was enamored in love, speech does not come out of his mouth. On seeing his condition, the learned sage Yajnavalkya was very pleased (and said-) O Munish! Aha ha! Blessed is your birth, you are loved like Gauripati Shivji Pran.

Those who do not have love in the lotus feet of Shivji, they do not like Shri Ramchandraji even in dreams. It is a symptom of the devotee to have genuine (pure) love at the feet of Vishwanath Shri Shivji.

Who is observing the fast of Raghunathji (devotion) like Shiva? Who gave up a woman like Sati without sin and showed her devotion to Shri Raghunathji by making a pledge. Hey brother! Who else is loving Shri Ramchandraji like Shivji?

I have already understood your distinction by calling Shivji’s character. You are the holy servant of Shri Ramchandraji and free from all defects.

I have known your qualities and modesty. Now I say the Leela of Shri Raghunathji, listen. Hey, monkey! Listen, the joy that has come to my mind since meeting you today cannot be said.

Hey Munishwar! Ramcharitra is immense. A hundred crores Sesha Ji also cannot say that. However, as I have heard, I remember the lord of Vani (Motivator) and Lord Ramchandraji with a bow in his hand.

Saraswatiji is like a puppet and Antaryami Swami Shri Ramchandraji (who holds a thread and snaps a puppet) is a narrator. Knowing his devotee, he poets Saraswati in the courtyard of the heart of the poet whom he favors.

I salute the same kindly Shri Raghunathji and tell the story of his pure qualities. Kailas is superior and very delightful in the mountains, where Shiva-Parvatiji always resides.

Groups of Siddhas, ascetics, yogis, deities, eunuchs, and sages live on that mountain. They are all great saints and serve Anandakand Shri Mahadevji.

Those who are alienated from Lord Vishnu and Mahadevji and who do not have love in religion, cannot go there even in their dreams. There is a huge banyan tree on that mountain, which is always new and beautiful at all times (six seasons).

These three types of air (cool, dim, and fragrant) keep flowing and its shade is very cold. It is the resting tree of Shiva, sung by the Vedas. Once Lord Shiva went under that tree and seeing it, there was great joy in his heart.

By laying Digambar with his hand, Kripalu Shivaji, by nature (without any special purpose) sat there. He had a keen body like a blossoming flower, moon, and conch. He had very long arms and was wearing (Vulcan) clothes from the sages.

His feet were like a new (in full bloom) red lotus, the light of nails was going to defeat the darkness of the devotees’ heart. Snake and Bhasma were his Bhushans and the face of those Tripurasura’s enemies, Shiva, was also going to defeat (fade) the beauty of the moon of Sharad (full moon).


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