Mausal Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

 Mausal Parv ~ Mahabharat Stories

 Mausal Parv -There is no festival in the Mausal festival, and the number of chapters is also only 8. In this festival, the origin of the Muslims from the stomach of the sage and the Yadavas got destroyed by fighting with the reeds raised by the Muslims who were thrown by the powder on the beach, Balram and Shri Krishna’s Paramdham-Gaman and Dwarkapuri by the sea A description of drowning.

Destruction of yadavas

Krishna came to Dwarka after the battle of Kurukshetra. Yadav-princes started to practice unrighteousness and also started consuming alcohol and meat. The result was that the Yadav descent prince died fighting himself in front of Krishna. Krishna’s son Samb was also one of them. Balarama went to Prabhasatirtha and took samadhi. Krishna also sadly went to Prabhasatirtha, where he saw the dead Balarama. With the help of a tree, he lay in sleep. At the same time, a hunter named Jara, in the illusion of deer, fired an arrow which was placed in the soles of Krishna and in a few moments, he too went to the other world. His father Vasudev also died on the second day. Arjuna came from Hastinapur and performed Shraddhaan. Rukmani, Hemavati etc. Krishna’s wives became sati. Satyabhama and other wives went to do penance in the forest.

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