Meghnad Yagya Demolition, War and Meghnad Salvation

Meghnad Yagya Demolition, War and Meghnad Salvation

Meghnad’s unconsciousness was touched, (then) he was ashamed to see his father. When I perform the yajya (to be invincible) sacrifice, in my mind, he immediately went to the cave of the highest mountain.

Here Vibhishan advised Salah Vichchari (and said to Shri Ramchandraji-) O incomparable strong and generous God! The wicked persecutor of the gods, the elusive Meghnad is performing an unholy yajna.
Oh, Lord! If that yajna can be proved, then O Nath! Then Meghnad will not be able to win quickly. Hearing this, Mr. Raghunathji felt very happy and Angadadi called many monkeys (and said-)
Hey brothers! Everyone go with Lakshmana and go and destroy the yagya. Hey Laxman! In the battle you kill him. I am very sad to see the gods frightened.
Hey brother! Listen, killing him with the help of such force and wisdom, that the noisome is destroyed. O Jambawan, Sugriva and Vibhishan! All three of you along with the army stay with them.
(Thus) when Shree Raghuveer gave the order, then by holding the bow tightly in the waist and bowing (offering), Randhir, holding the lord of Lord Lakshmanji Prabhu in his heart, uttered a solemn voice like cloud.
If I come today without killing him, I should not be called a servant of Shri Raghunathji. Even if hundreds of Shankara help him, he is the cry of Shri Raghuveer, today I will kill him.
Sheshavatar Shri Laxmanji walked immediately by shouting his head at the feet of Shri Raghunathji. Angad, Neel, Mayand, Nal and Hanuman were the best warriors with him.
The apes went and saw that he was sitting and offering blood to the buffalo. The monkeys destroyed all the sacrifices. Still he did not get up, then they started praising him.
Even then he did not get up, (then) they went and grabbed his hair and ran away after hitting him with sticks. He ran with the trident, then the monkey ran and came there, where Laxmanji was standing next.
He came hit with extreme anger and started thundering again and again with fierce words. Maruti (Hanuman) and Angad ran in anger. He knocked the trident in the chest and dropped them both to the earth.
Then he left the trident on Lord Shri Laxmanji. Anant (Shri Laxmanji) shot an arrow and cut it into two pieces. Hanumanji and Yuvraj Angad then got up and started to kill him in anger, he did not get hurt.
Seeing that the enemy (Meghnad) does not die, when Veer returns, he runs away with a great chirp. Seeing him coming like an angry era, Laxmanji released terrible arrows.
Seeing the arrows coming like the thunderbolt, the wicked immediately fell into disarray and then began to fight in a different form. He sometimes appeared and sometimes hid.

Meghnad’s war, Ramji’s transfer from Leela to Nagpash

Seeing the enemy is not defeated, the monkey gets scared. Then Sarparaj Seshaji (Laxmanji) became very angry. Laxmanji solidified the idea in my mind that I had played this sinner a lot (it is not good to play more now, now it should be finished.)
After remembering the brilliance of Kosalpati Shri Ramji, Lakshmanji pierced the arrow by casting a heroic note. As soon as he released the arrow, it hit the middle of his chest. He gave up all treachery while dying.
Where is Rama’s younger brother Laxman? Where is ram Having said this, he gave up his life. Angad and Hanuman started saying – Blessed is your mother, blessed (who you died at the hands of Laxmanji and while reciting Sri Rama-Laxman while dying, you chanted their names.)
Hanumanji picked him up without any hard work and returned to the Lanka door. Hearing his death, the gods and the Gandharvas, etc., climbed all the planes and came to the sky.
They play flowers with rain and sing the immaculate fame of Shri Raghunathji. Hey eternal! Hail to you, O Jagadhar! Hail thee. Oh, Lord! You have saved all the gods (from great calamity).
The deity and Siddha went away in praise, then Lakshmanji came to Shri Ramji, the sea of grace. As soon as Ravana heard the news of daughter-in-law, he became unconscious and fell on the earth.
Mandodari’s chest started beating and beating in many ways and crying very heavily. All the people of the city were disturbed by grief. All started calling Ravan as inferior.
Then Ravana explained to all women in many ways that this (visible) form of the whole world is perishable, look into the heart.
Ravana preached knowledge to them. He himself is despicable, but his stories (sayings) are auspicious and holy. Many people are skilled in teaching others. But there are not many people who also conduct according to preaching.
The night passed, dawn. The bear-monkey (again) went to all four doors. Calling the warriors, Dashmukh Ravana said – In the battle, mind should be in front of the enemy.
It is good to run away now. There is no good in getting away from war. I have increased hatred on the strength of my arms. I will answer (my own) the enemy that has come up.
Having said this, he decorated a chariot running like a wind. All the juju (fighting) instruments started ringing. All the incomparable strong heroes go as if the storm of Kajal has gone.
At that time innumerable ominations started happening. But being proud of the strength of his arms, Ravana does not count them.
Due to the utmost pride, he does not think of Shakun-Oshkun. Arms falling from hands. The warriors fall from the chariot. Horses and elephants leave and run away chirping. The words are jackal, gidha, crow and donkey. Too many dogs are speaking. Owls are uttering such terrible words as if they were messengers of time. (Narrating the message of death).

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