Meghnad’s war, Ramji’s transfer from Leela to Nagpash

Meghnad’s war, Ramji’s transfer from Leela to Nagpash

Meghnad climbed the same (aforesaid) Mayamayya chariot and went into the sky and thundered loudly, causing fear in the army of apes.

That power, shool, sword, saber, etc., began to carry weapons, scriptures, and thunderbolts, and many weapons and fires, parighas, stones,
etc. and saw many arrows.
Arrows in ten directions in the sky, as if the clouds of Magha Nakshatra have showered. The words ‘catch, hold, kill’ are heard. But no one knows what is killing.
Monkeys run in the sky carrying mountains and trees. But unable to see him, he returns sadly. With the force of Maya, Meghnad made the cages of arrows in the valleys, paths, and mountains and caves (covered with arrows).
Thinking of where to go now (apnea way), the apes became distraught. As if the mountains are lying in the captivity of Indra. Meghnad distraught all the strong men like Maruti Hanuman, Angad, Nal, and Neel.
Then he stabbed his body by hitting Lakshmanji, Sugriva, and Vibhishan with arrows. Then he started fighting with Shri Raghunathji. He who leaves the arrow, he snakes and starts.
Those who are independent, eternal, one (unbroken), and nirvikara are subjugated (bound by) the enemy of Khar, Shri Ramji (from Leela) Nagpash. Shri Ramchandraji is always independent, one, (unique) God. They perform many types of showy characters like nuts.
Prabhu tied himself in Nagpash for the glory of Ran, but the gods were greatly afraid of him.
(Shiva says-) O Church! Those who chant the name of Muni Bhava (birth-death), can the universal and Vishwa Niwas (base of the world) Lord come in bondage somewhere?
Hey Bhavani! Reasoning (judgment) cannot be made with the strength of wisdom and speech about these virtuous pastimes of Shri Ramji. Thinking like this, those who are philosophers and detached men, they all leave logic (doubt) and worship Bhagwan Ram.

Kumbhakarna war and it’s ultimate

Meghnad is distraught about the army. Then he appeared and started to say mischief. On this, Jambavan said- Hey rogue! Stand still. Hearing this, he became very angry.
Hey idiot! Knowing old age, I had left you. Oh! Now you have started to challenge me? Having said this, he drove a glowing trident. Jambwan ran by holding the same trident by hand.
And hit him on Meghnad’s chest. He fell on the earth after an enemy of gods. In a fit of anger, Jambavan again took hold of the leg and rolled it and slammed it on the earth, and showed it its strength.
(But) he does not die due to the grace of boon. Then Zambavan grabbed his leg and threw it at Lanka. Here Devarshi Naradji sent Garuda. He immediately came to Shri Ramji.
Birds Raj Garudji caught all the Maya-snakes and ate them. Then the herds of all the apes became joyful, devoid of Maya.
Monkeys wearing mountains, trees, stones, and nails ran in anger. Nishachar got particularly distraught and ran away and climbed the fort.

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