Mind’s form and significance

Mind’s form and significance – 


Mind’s from and significance – It is like Ramcharit Manas, the way it is made, and for which it was propagated in the world, now I tell the same story in memory of Shri Uma-Maheshwar.

With the grace of Shri Shivji, a beautiful intellect developed in his heart, due to which he became the poet of Tulsidas Shri Ramcharit Manas. According to his intellect, he makes it beautiful, but still gentlemen! Improve it by listening with a beautiful mind.

The beautiful (Sattvaki) intellect is the land, the heart is the deepest place in it, the Vedas and Puranas are the seas and the sages are clouds. They (the monk in the form of a monk) shower beautiful, sweet, beautiful, and auspicious water like Suyash of Shri Ramji.

The description of Saguna Leela in detail is the cleanliness of the water like Rama Suyash, which destroys the feces, and the love that cannot be described is the sweetness and beautiful coolness of this water.

He (Rama Suyyash Rupi) is beneficial for the paddy in the form of water santkarma and is the life of the devotees of Shri Ramji. The holy water fell on the earth in the form of wisdom, and shrunk and went by the way of pleasant ears and filled it in the best place like Manas (heart). He became old, beautiful, tasteful, soft, and pleasant.

The worship of Valmiki, Vedas, Brahma, Devas, Shiva, Parvati etc.

The four very beautiful and exquisite dialogues (Bhushundi-Garuda, Shiva-Parvati, Yajnavalkya-Bhardwaj, and Tulsidas and saints) composed with wisdom in this story are the four beautiful ghats of this holy and beautiful lake.

Seven Kand is the beautiful seven steps of this Manas lake, which makes the mind happy on seeing the eyes of knowledge. The description of Nirguna (past with natural qualities) and uninterrupted (monotonous) glory of Shri Raghunathji is the immense depth of this beautiful water.

The fame of Shri Ramchandraji and Sitaji is water-like nectar. The similes given in it are the delightful luxuries of the waves. The beautiful chaupaias have densely spread purines (kamalini) and the tips of the poem are beautiful oysters that produce beautiful mani (pearls).

The beautiful verses, the sorathe, and the couplets are adorned with groups of multicolored lotuses. The unique meaning, high sense, and beautiful language are pollen (Pushparaj), Makarand (Pushparas), and fragrance.

Successful point

Punjas of sattkamas (virtues) are beautiful lines of eyebrows, knowledge, quietness, and thoughts are swans. The poetic sound, qualities, and caste of the poem are many types of beautiful fish.

Artha, Dharma, Kama, Moksha – all these four, the idea of knowledge and science, the nine juices of poetry, chanting, austerity, yoga, and quietness – all these are beautiful aquatic creatures of this lake.

The anthem of the virtues of Sukriti (saintly) people, sadhus, and Shri Ramnam is similar to that of strange water birds. The assembly of saints is the Amrai (mango orchards) around this lake and reverence is said to be like spring season.

There are many forms of devotion and forgiveness, mercy, and courage (sense grace) are the pavilions of vines. The nigra of the mind, Yama (non-violence, truth, astheya, celibacy, and aparigraha), niyam (defecation, contentment, austerity, self-study and God providence) are their flowers, knowledge is the fruit and love is the fruit of this knowledge at the feet of Sri Hari. Is the juice off The Vedas have said this.

Raamaroop se jeevamaatr kee vandana

In this (Ramcharit Manas), there are many more stories of various themes, they are colorful birds like parrots, cuckoos, etc.

The adventure that takes place in the story is the garden, the garden, and the forest, and the happiness that is there, it is the sanctuary of the beautiful birds. The pure mind is the gardener, who irrigates them with beautiful eyes with warm water.

Those who sing this character carefully, they are the clever keepers of this pond and the men and women who always listen to it respectfully, they are the best deities possessing this beautiful mind.

Those who are very wicked and lustful are unfortunate herons and crows, who do not approach this lake, because here (in this Manas lake) there are not many tales of the same subject like snails, frogs, and seers.

That is why poor people like crows and herons come here and give up in

Brahmin Saint Vandana Ram Charit Manas

the heart because there are many difficulties in reaching this lake. No one comes here without the grace of Shri Ramji.

Ghor kusang is a terrible evil, only the words of those kusangis are tigers, lions, and snakes. Like the housework and household, the districts are extremely inaccessible big mountains.

Moh, Mad, and Maan are many rugged forests and many types of kutark are terrible rivers.

For those who do not spend the path of reverence and are not with the saints and those

who are loved by Shri Raghunathji, this psyche is very different. (That is, no one can achieve this without reverence, satsang, and Bhagavatpram).

Even if a person reaches thereafter suffering, then he goes to sleep as soon as he goes there. The heart starts to feel very bitter in the sense of stupidity, due to which, even after going there, it is not able to take the unfortunate bath.

He does not take bath and refreshment in that lake, he returns with pride. Then if someone comes to ask him (the situation there), he (not saying his unfortunate) condemns the lake and explains it.

All these obstacles do not spread (do not hinder) which Shri Ramchandraji sees with the grace of grace. The same takes bath in this lake with respect and does not burn with

great dreadful tritaap (spiritual, semi-spiritual, half-physical temperatures).

Saint Asant Vandana Ramcharitmanas

Those who have a beautiful love at the feet of Shri Ramchandraji, they never leave this lake. Hey brother! Whoever wants to bathe in this lake, he should meditate with heart.

Seeing such Manas Sarovar with the eyes of the heart and diving into it, the poet’s intellect became pure, joy and excitement filled the heart and the flow of love and bliss flowed.

From that flowed the river in the form of a beautiful poem, in which the water of Shri Ramji’s serene fame is full. The name of this (Kavitarupini river) is Sarayu, which is the root of the entire beautiful forests. Lokmat and Vedmat are its two beautiful edges.

This beautiful Manas Sarovar KanThe society of all three types of listeners is situated in the east, village, and city on both sides of this river and the gathering of saints is the root of all the beautiful forests, Anupam Ayodhyaji.ya, the Saryu river is very sacred and is going to uproot the (small and big) sins of Kali Yuga and the trees.

Khal Vandana Ram Charit Manas

The beautiful Kriti Rupi Saryuji joined Gangaji as Rambhakti. Mahanad Son, who is a beautiful figure of the holy fame of

Shri Ramji’s war, including younger brother Laxman, came in it.

The stream of Gangaji in the form of devotion, between the two, is being adorned with knowledge and disinterest. This three-way river, which frightens all three temperatures, is going towards the sea as Ramswaroop.

The core of this (Kirti Rupi Saryu) is Manas (Sri Ramcharit) and it (Rambhakti Rupi) is found in

Gangaji, so it will sanctify the hearts of the listening gentlemen. Between it, there are different types of bizarre stories, as if the forests and gardens around the river bank are.

On the marriage of Shri Parvati and Shivji, there are innumerable types of aquatic creatures in this river. The joys of the birth of Shri Raghunathji are the beauty of the whirlpools and waves of this river.

The children of the four brothers are children, they are many colorful lotuses blooming in it. The saktarma (virtue) of Maharaj Shri Dasharathaji and his queens and family members are bhramara and waterbird.

The beautiful story of Shri Sitaji’s Swayamvara is luscious in this river. Many beautiful thoughtful questions are the boats of this river and their wise answers are clever boat.

After listening to this story, there is a discussion between each other,

that the society of the travelers walking on this river is being adorned. Parshuramji’s wrath is the dreaded stream of this river and the best words of Shri Ramchandraji are beautifully tied ghats.

The excitement of marriage of Sri Ramachandra along with brothers is the flood of the welfare of this Katha river, which is going to give happiness to all. Those who are cheerful and happy in their saying and listening to it are the saintly men who bathe in this river with a happy heart.

Groups of travelers have gathered on this river at the time of the

festival, which is decorating for the coronation of Shri Ramchandraji. Kaikeyi’s maliciousness is there in this river, due to which great calamity occurred.

The character of Bharatji, which pacifies the entire innumerable troubles, is

a chanting performed on the banks of the river. The descriptions of the sins of the Kali Yuga and the

demerits of the wicked are the mud and herons of the waters of this river.

This Kirtarupini river is beautiful among the six seasons. All the time it is extremely beautiful and extremely holy. The marriage of Shiva and Parvati is in the Hemant season. The celebration of the birth of Shri Ramchandraji is a pleasant winter season.

Sri Sitaram-Dham-Parikar Vandana

The description of the marriage society of Shri Ramchandraji is Anand-Mangalam Rituraj Vasant. Shri Ramji’s exile is a sad summer season and the story of the path itself is hard sun and heat.

The fierce battle with the demons is the rainy season, which is going to do

beautiful welfare for the paddy in the form of Devakul. The happiness, humility, and magnanimity of the reign of Ramchandraji, is the beautiful autumn that gives pure happiness.

The story of the qualities of Sati-Shiromani Shri Sitaji is the pure and unique quality of this water. The nature of Shri Bharatji is the beautiful coolness of this river,

So which is always the same and cannot be described.

Seeing, speaking, meeting, loving each other, laughing and beautiful

brotherhood of Because the four brothers are the sweetness and aroma of this water.

My mood, humility, and lowliness are no less lightness of this beautiful and pure water (ie, very lightness). This water is very unique, which is virtuous by listening and

removes the thirst for hope and the dirt of the mind.

This water confirms the beautiful love of Shri Ramchandraji, takes

away all the sins of the Kali Yuga and the guilt resulting from them. (Birth-death form of the world) absorbs labor, also satisfies contentment, and destroys sin, poverty, and defects.

Because  It is the destroyer of waterworks, anger, item, and fascination and enhances pure knowledge and disinterest. By bathing in it respectfully and drinking

So all the sins and heat in the heart are erasing.

Those who did not wash their hearts with this (Ram Suyyash Rupi) water,

So they were created by the coward Kalika. Just as a thirsty deer considers the illusion of water created by the rays of the sun falling on the sand as real water and runs to drink, and grieves by not getting water, so are the (faked from Kaliyuga) creatures (wandering behind subjects) grieving. Will be

According to his intellect, considering the qualities of this beautiful water, bathing his

mind in it so and remembering Shri Bhavani-Shankar, the poet (Tulsidas) tells a beautiful story.

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