Monkeys leave

Monkeys leave for Sugriva-Rama dialogue and search for Sitaji

Religious story

Monkeys leave for Sugriva-Rama dialogue and search for Sitaji

Then Angad, along with the monkeys, and forward Shri Ramji’s younger brother Lakshmanji (ie, following them) Sugriva walked with joy and came to where Raghunathji was.

Autumn description

Sugriva said with folded hands at the feet of Shri Raghunathji – O Nath! I do not blame anything. Hey, God! Your illusion is very strong. When you have mercy, O Ram! That’s when it leaves.
Hey master! Gods, humans and sages are subject to all subjects. Then I am also a very ferocious monkey among Palmer animals and animals. Who did not think of a woman’s arrow, which keeps awake even in the dark night in the form of fierce anger (does not become angry).
And by the gallows of greed that did not strangulate you, O Raghunathji! That man is like you. These qualities are not obtained by means. By your grace, some people find them.
Then Mr. Raghunathji smiled and said – O brother! You are as sweet as Bharata. Now take heart and do the same measures through which you get the news of Sita.
Thus the conversation was taking place that youth (herds) of apes came. Teams of monkeys of many colors started appearing in all directions.
(Shiva says-) O Uma! I saw that army of apes. Whoever wants to count him is a great fool. All the apes come and go at the feet of Shri Ramji and they (beauty-madhuryanidhi) pay obeisance to Shrimukh.
There was not a single monkey in the army from whom Shri Ramji did not ask for skill, it is not a big deal for Prabhu, because Shri Raghunathji is cosmopolitan and omnipresent (in all forms and in all places).
After getting the orders, everyone stood up everywhere. Sugriva then explained to everyone and said, O groups of apes! This is the work of Shri Ramchandraji and my request is (Nihora), you go around.
Go and find Janaki ji. Hey brother! Come back in a month. Whoever returns after spending a period of a month (without knowing) will be made to die by me (ie, I will have to kill him).
On hearing the words of Sugriva, all the apes immediately went everywhere (in different directions). Then Sugriva called Angad, Nal, Hanuman etc. the head-warriors (and said-)
O Dheerbuddhi and clever Neel, Angad, Jambavan and Hanuman! All of you best warriors go to the south direction and ask everyone’s address to Sita.
Think of the same (to find out Sitaji) by mind, word and deed. Performing (successful) work of Shri Ramchandraji. The sun should be consumed from the back and the fire from the heart (from the front), but the service of the master should be done with deceit (mind, word, deed).
Except Maya (affection and attachment of subjects), one should consume the hereafter (Bhagavatseva form means for the attainment of the divine abode of God), so that all the mourning arising out of Bhava (birth and death) is eradicated. Hey brother! This is the result of wearing the body, except all the works (wishes), only the hymn of Shri Ramji should be done.
The one who recognizes virtues (Gunavana) and the elder is the one who is the lover of the feet of Shri Raghunathji. After asking for permission and then nodding at the feet and remembering Shri Raghunathji, everyone went away with joy.
After all, Pawansut Shri Hanumanji gave his head. Thinking of the work, the Lord called him to himself. He touched his head with his hand and knowing his servant gave him the ring of his hand.
(And said-) To explain Sita in many ways and come back soon after saying my strength and Virah (love). Hanumanji considered his birth to be successful and he kept Kripanidhan Prabhu in his heart and went away.
Although the Gods who protect the gods know everything, they are also protecting politics (sending monkeys wherever they are to find Sita ji to maintain the policy).
All the apes are going in search of forests, rivers, ponds, mountains and mountains in the temples. The mind is absorbed in the work of Shri Ramji. Even the love of the body (motherhood) is forgotten.
If you encounter a demon somewhere, then take his life in every single bite. Discovering the mountains and forests in many ways. If a monk is found, then all are surrounded by him to ask for the address.


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