Mood Creation Date Ramcharitmanas Balkand

Mood Creation Date

Mood –This character was published in Shri Ayodhyaji on Tuesday, the Navami date of Chaitra month. On the day Shri Ramji is born, the Vedas say that on that day all the pilgrimages come there (in Sri Ayodhya).

Asura-serpent, birds, humans, sages, and deities all come to Ayodhya and serve Shri Raghunathji. Wise people celebrate the festival of birth and sing the beautiful Kirti of Shri Ramji.

Many groups of gentlemen bathe in the holy water of Shri Saryuji that day and meditate on the beautiful black body Shri Raghunathji in his heart and chant his name.

The Veda-Purana says that the sight, touch, bath, and refreshment of Shri Saryuji defeats sins. This river is very sacred, its glory is eternal, which even Saraswatiji with a great intellect cannot say.

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This magnificent Ayodhyapuri is about to give the supreme abode of Shri Ramchandraji, is famous in all worlds, and is very holy. In the world (Andaja, Svedaj, Udbijj, and Jarayuz) there are eternal creatures of the four Khan is (types), whoever leaves the body in Ayodhya, does not again come into the world (released from the cycle of birth and death in God’s supreme abode. Resides)॥

Thinking of this Ayodhyapuri as all-encompassing, the granting of all the siddhis and the mine of welfare, I started this serene story, whose hearing destroys the work, the item, and the pillar.

Because Its name is Ramcharit Manas, whose ears get peace from hearing. So The elephant-like mind is burning in the forest-like forest.

if it falls in this Ramcharit Manas lake, then it becomes happy.

This Ramcharit Manas is dear to the sages.

Shivji composed this pleasant and pious mind. Because It is the destroyer of all the three kinds of faults.

sorrows and impoverishment and misdeeds of Kali Yuga and all sins.

Shri Mahadevji had kept this in his mind by creating it and after getting the opportunity told Parvati. So This is why Shivji, seeing it in his heart and delighted, named it the beautiful ‘Ramcharit Manas’.

I say the same delightful story, Ramakatha, O gentlemen! Listen to it with respect and with respect

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