Mourning of Shri Ramji, the affair of Jatayu, deliverance of the relationship

Mourning of Shri Ramji, the affair of Jatayu, the deliverance of the relationship

Just as Shri Ramji used to run with the treacherous deer, keeping the same image in his heart, she keeps on chanting Harinam (Ramnam).

(Here) Shri Raghunathji worried a lot as he saw the younger brother Lakshmanji coming (and said-) O brother! You left Janaki alone and came here in violation of my command!

Flocks of demons roam the forest. It comes to my mind that Sita is not in the ashram. Younger brother Lakshmanji held the feet of Shri Ramji and folded his hands and said – O Nath! I have nothing to blame
Lord Shri Ramji along with Laxmanji went to the place where he had his ashram on the banks of Godavari. Seeing the ashram devoid of life, Shri Ramji became distraught and humbled like an ordinary man.
(They started mourning-) Ha jhanke mine of virtues! Holy Sita in form, modesty, fasting and rules! Laxmanji explained in many ways. Then Shri Ramji walked asking the rows of creepers and trees.
Hey birds! Hey animals! O rows of eyebrows! Have you seen Mrignayani Sita anywhere? Khanjan, parrot, pigeon, reindeer, fish, bumblebee, Praveen Cuckoo,
Kundakali, Pomegranate, Lightning, Lotus, Autumn Moon and Nagini, Arun’s loop, Kamdev’s bow, Swan, Gaja and Singh – all are hearing their praise today.
Bell, Suvarna and Banana are cheering. There is no doubt and hesitation in his mind. Hey Janaki! Listen, without you all these are delightful today, as if you have gained the secret. (That is, they were insignificant, insulted and ashamed in front of your organs. Today, seeing them, they are blossoming in their pride.
How do you get this competition right? Hey honey Why don’t you appear soon? Thus (Swami Shri Ramji of eternal universe or His Majesty’s form of power, Sita ji) searching for Sita ji (thus) mourns, as if a superhuman and extremely gentleman.
Purnakam, the zodiac of bliss, unborn and indestructible Shri Ramji are doing the character of human beings. Further (on leaving) he saw Gridharapati Jatayu lying. He was remembering the feet of Shri Ramji, which has lines (signs) (of flag, Kulish etc.).
Kripa Sagar Shri Raghuveer touched his head with his hand (he turned his head over it). Seeing Shobhadham Shri Ramji’s (supremely beautiful) face, all his suffering went on.
Shri Ramchandraji said- O Tat! Maintain body. Then he said this with a smiling mouth – At the time of dying, whose name comes in the mouth, the Adham (great sinner) is also liberated, singing such Vedas.
He (you) is standing in front of my eyes. Hey Nath! Now for what deficiency do I keep the body? Filling water in his eyes, Mr. Raghunathji said – O Tat! You have gained (rare) momentum from your best deeds.
For those who have the interest of others (lives on), nothing (any movement) in the world is rare. Hey Tat Leave the body and go to my supreme abode. What should i give you You are a complete work (have attained everything)॥
Hey Tat You will not go and tell Sita Haran to your father. If I am Rama, Dashmukh Ravana will come there along with the family and say it himself.
Jatayu renounced the body of Gidha and took the form of Hari and wore many Anupam (divine) ornaments and (divine) Pitambara. Shyam is a body, has four huge arms and he is praising by filling the eyes (tears of love and bliss) with water.
O Lord Rama! Hail thee. Your form is unique, you are nirguna, virtuous and truth is the motivator of qualities (of maya). To sharpen the ten-headed Ravana’s fierce arms, holding a fierce arrow, beautifying the earth, having a black body like a watery cloud, a lotus-like mouth and (red) lotus-like big eyes, huge I salute Shri Ramji, the merciful and the one who rescued me from fear.
You are infinite forces, eternal, unborn, avyakta (formless), an imperceptible (untargeted), govind (knowable by Veda sentences), past by senses, (birth-death, happiness-sorrow, joy-shocking) who defeats duality , Ghanmurti of science and the basis of the earth and the saints who chant the Rama mantra are going to give pleasure to the hearts of those eternal servants. I salute Shri Ramji, who has led a team of evil people (lovers or lovers of the innocent) and the party of the wicked (evil practices) etc.
Those Shrutis sing as Niranjan (beyond Maya), Brahma, Pervasive, Nirvikar and birthless. The sages are attained by means of meditation, knowledge, disinterest and yoga. He is the group of Karunakand, Shobha (Shri Bhagwan himself) appearing and captivating the whole world. The illusory form of my heart lotus is adorning the image of many Cupids in their limbs.
Those who are agam and smooth, are of pure nature, are odd and even and are always cool. While keeping the mind and senses always subdued, yogis are able to see them by doing many tools. Ramanivas Shri Ramji, the lord of all the three worlds, lives under his slaves. They should dwell in my heart, whose sacred fame is going to erase the traffic.
Seeking the gift of unbroken devotion, Gridhraj Jatayu went to the supreme abode of Shri Hari. Shri Ramchandraji performed all his (cremation etc.) activities with his hands as appropriate.
Shri Raghunathji is very tender minded, humble and compassionate. Gidha (also among birds) was a low-fat bird and a non-vegetarian, gave him the rare speed that yogis demand.
(Shiva says-) O Parvati! Listen, those people who are unfortunate, except God, love the subjects. Then both brothers went ahead, searching for Sitaji. They see the density of the forest.
It is full of dense forest vines and trees. Many birds, antelopes, elephants, and lions live in it. Shri Ramji killed the Kabandha demon on the way. He said the whole thing about his curse.
(He said-) Durvasaji cursed me. Now seeing the feet of the Lord, that sin was erased. (Shri Ramji said-) O Gandharva! Listen, I tell you, a brawler from a brahmanakul does not suit me.
All gods, including me, Brahma, Shiva, etc., fall apart from the mind, words, and deeds that serve the Bhudev Brahmins.
A Brahmin is venerated even while cursing, beating, and saying harsh words, says the saint. Brahmin is also revered by modesty and virtue. And the Shudra is not revered even with the virtues and skillful in knowledge.
Shri Ramji explained it by calling it his Dharma (Bhagavata Dharma). Seeing love at his feet, he liked her mind. After that, after getting his head in the feet of Shri Raghunathji, he found his speed (the form of Gandharva) and went to the sky.

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