Muni Vashistha to send messengers to call Bharatji

Muni Vashistha to send messengers to call Bharatji – Then Vashistha Muni told many histories that suited the time and removed everyone’s grief from the light of his science.

Vashistha filled the oil in the boat and put the king’s body in it. Then summoned the messengers and said to them – you guys run quickly and go to Bharata. Do not tell the news of the king’s death to anyone else.
Go and say so much to Bharat that Guruji has sent both brothers. On hearing Muni’s orders, Dhawan (messenger) ran. He went on shaking even the best horses with his speed.
Ever since the disaster started in Ayodhya, Bharatji started getting bad. They used to have nightmares and at the time of waking (because of those dreams) they used to make crores of (many) kinds of bad fantasies.
(For the sake of impermanence) He used to give food to Brahmins every day. He used to do Rudrabhishek with many methods. After celebrating Mahadevji in his heart, he asked for the well-being of his parents, family, and brothers.
Bharatji was thus worried in his mind that the messengers arrived. As soon as he heard Guruji’s command, he started celebrating Ganesha.
While hauling horses with the same velocity as the wind, they went on crossing the formidable river, mountains, and forests. SO There was a lot of thinking in his heart, nothing was pleasing. He used to think in his mind that he should fly and reach.
Each was passing like a Nimesh year. Thus Bharatji reached near the city. When entering the city, ominous things started happening. Because  The crows are sitting in a bad place and moving from village to village.
SO Donkeys and jackals are speaking the opposite. Because Hearing this, Bharata is suffering greatly. Because Ponds, rivers, forests, gardens are all becoming beautiful. So The city looks terrible
So Birds, animals, horses, and elephants (who are grieving) are not seen, suffering from the bad disease of Shri Ramji. Because The men and women of the city are becoming very sad. Even SO As if everyone is losing all their possessions.
The people of the city meet, but do not say anything, go to the village (secretly) by doing (Vandana). Even Bharatji cannot ask anyone skilled, because fear and gloom is in his mind.

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