Narada-Rama Dialogue

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Narada-Rama Dialogue

Seeing the Lord disenchanted, Naradji had a special thought in his mind. (He considered that) By accepting my curse, Shri Ramji is bearing the burden of various kinds of sorrows (suffering).
Such (devout Vatsal) go and see God. Then such an opportunity will not be created. Considering this, Naradji went there with a harp in his hand, where the Lord was sitting happily.
He used to speak softly with love in many ways, singing Ramcharit (Te Chala Aaya). Seeing the worship, Shri Ramchandraji picked up Narada and kept it for a long time.
Then asked Swagat (skilled) and seated him nearby. Laxmanji washed his feet with respect.
After pleading in many ways and seeing the Lord happy in the mind, then Naradji joined the hands like lotus and said the word -॥
O generous by nature, Mr. Raghunathji! Listen. You are the giver of beautiful agam and sugam brides. Hey master! I ask for a bridesmaid, give it to me, even though you know everyone as being a conscience.

Shurpanakha’s proximity to Ravana, Sri Sita’s fire entrance and Maya Sita

(Shri Ramji said-) O Muni! You know my nature. Do I ever hide anything from my devotees? Which thing do I like most, O Munishreshtha! You can’t ask?
I owe nothing to the devotee. Do not leave this faith, forgetting it. Then Naradji said cheerfully – I ask for such a bridesmaid;
Although the Lord has many names and the Vedas say that they are all greater than one, yet O Nath! Ramnam should be more than all names and for a group of sinful birds it should be like a law.
Your devotion is the night of the full moon, in which the name ‘Rama’ being the full moon and all other names as stars, reside in the pure sky of the heart of the devotees.
Kripa Sagar Shri Raghunathji called ‘Evamastu’ (so be it) from Muni. Then Narad ji got very happy in the mind and offered the head at the feet of the Lord.
Knowing Shri Raghunathji very happy, Naradji again spoke softly, O Ramji! Hey Raghunathji! Listen, when you fascinated me by inspiring your illusion,
Then I wanted to get married. Oh God! Why did you not let me get married? (Lord said-) O Muni! Listen, I tell you with joy that those who leave all hope and trust only serve me.
I always guard them in the same way as mother protects the child. When the little child runs and goes to catch the fire and snake, the mother separates him (her hands) and saves it.
When the child grows up, the mother loves the son, but the last thing does not last (ie, the maternal uncle does not worry about saving her like a child again, because he does not depend on the mother to protect herself). The wise man is like my grown-up son, and (like you) a servant who does not believe in his strength is like my infant son.
My servant only has my strength and he (the knower) has his strength. But the enemies of war and anger are for both of them. (The responsibility of killing the enemies of the devotee rests with me, because he considers my strength as my destiny, but the responsibility of destroying the enemies of the wise man who believes in his force. It is not on me.) Panditjan (intelligent people) worship me by thinking like this. They do not give up devotion even after attaining knowledge.
Kama, anger, greed and the item etc. is a strong army of temptation (ignorance). Among them, the woman of Mayarupini (the visible idol of Maya) is very sorrowful.
Hey monkey! Listen, the Puranas, Vedas and saints say that the woman is like spring season to develop (to develop) the forest of love. In the form of chanting, austerity, rules, the water absorbs all the water places as summer.
Kama, anger, mada and matsar (dah) etc. are frogs. It is the only woman (woman) who gives him happiness through the rainy season. Bad lusts are groups of lilies. It is the autumn that gives them happiness forever.
All religions are flocks of lotuses. This lowly (subjective) woman who gives pleasure, burns them in the form of snow. Then the group (forest) of Mamatarupi Javas becomes green and green after getting the female winter season.
For a group of sinful owls, this is a very dark night that gives pleasure to women. Wisdom, strength, modesty and truth – all these are fishes and for them (trapping and destroying them), a woman is like a flute.
A young woman is the root of the demerits, the tormentor and the mine of all sorrows, hence, O Muni! Knowing this in my life, I stopped you from getting married.
After listening to the beautiful words of Shri Raghunathji, the body of the sage got pulverized and the eyes (filled with the water of love) filled up. (They started saying in their own mind-) Say, which god has such a ritual, whose servant has so much love and love?

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