Narada’s pride and Maya’s influence

Narada’s pride and Maya’s influence  – Although Shivji taught this interest, Narada did not like it. Hey Bharadwaj! Now listen to the curiosity (tamasha). Hari’s desire is very strong.

What Shri Ramchandra wants to do is the same, there is no one who can do it against him. The words of Shri Shivji did not like the mind of Naradji, then he left Brahmaloka from there.

Once versed in singing, Muninath Naradji, with a beautiful veena in his hand, went to Kshirsagar, singing Hariguna, where Lord Narayana resides at Lakshmi Nivas (the idolized Vedantattva) of the Vedas.

Lord Ramanivas got up and met him with great bliss and sat on the seat with Rishi (Naradji). Lord of the pasture laughed and said – O Muni! Today you have pity on many days.

Shri Ramji’s request for marriage with Shivji

Even though Shri Shivji had already held them barge, Naradji told the whole character of Cupid to God. Maya of Shri Raghunathji is very strong. Who is born in the world, whom they do not fascinate?

God turned soft and said soft words – O Muniraj! By remembering you, the attachment, deeds, items and pride of others are erased (then what is there for you to say!)

Hey monkey! Listen, love is in his mind, whose heart does not have enlightenment. You are ready and very patient in brahmacharyavrata. Well, can Cupid also harass you anywhere?

Naradji said with pride – God! It’s all your blessing. Lord Karunanidhan thought in his mind that a huge tree of pride has sprouted in his mind.

I will uproot it immediately, because it is our vow to serve the servants. I will definitely take measures so that the welfare of the sage and my game.

Then Narada ji walked at the feet of God. The pride in his heart increased even more. Then God Lakshmipati inspired his Maya. Now listen to his hard work.

He (Harimaya) created a city of hundred yojans (four hundred kos) on the way. Like the city, the compositions of Lakshminivas were more beautiful than the city of Lord Vishnu (Vaikuntha).

Such beautiful men and women lived in that city, as if many Cupids and (her women) Rati were wearing human bodies. In that city lived a king named Sheelnidhi, who had innumerable horses, elephants and army groups (troops).

His splendor and luxury was like a hundred Indras. He was home to form, sharpness, force and policy. There was a (such beautiful) girl named Vishwamohini, on whose form Lakshmiji would also be fascinated.

All those qualities were mine for God. How can her beauty be described. The princess wanted to do the swayamvara, because of this the numberless kings had come there.

Khiladi sage Naradji went to that city and asked the townspeople about everything. Hearing all the news, they came to the king’s palace. The king worshiped and made the monk sit (on the pedestal).

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