Naradji’s arrival and return to Brahmaloka with praise

Naradji’s arrival and return to Brahmaloka with praise

On the same occasion Naraduni came with a veena in her hand. They started singing beautiful and regular new songs of Shri Ramji.

Only Kamalanayan, who is free to grieve by looking graciously! Look at me (look down on me too) O Hari! Like Nilkamal, you are a Bhramar who is drinking the Makarand (love juice) of lotus, the heart of Shyamvarna and Kamdev’s enemy Mahadevji.
You are about to break the force of the army of demons. The sages and saints are the pleasures and destroyer of sins. For the cultivation of Brahmin, you are the new cloud group and you are going to give shelter to the refugees and the poor people to your shelter.
The destroyer of the great heavy burden of the earth with his muscle, skilled in slaughter of Khar corruption and Viraadha, Shri Ramji, the enemy of Ravana, Anandaswaroopa, the superior of kings and the moon of Kumudini, the ruler of Dasaratha! Hail to you.

Putrotapati, the elegance of Ayodhyaji, Sanakadika arrival and dialogue

Your beautiful fame is revealed in Puranas, Vedas and Tantra scriptures! The community of gods, sages and saints sing to him. You are compassionate and destroyer of false item, Bhushan of all skilled (accomplished) Shri Ayodhya.
Your name is about to kill the sins of Kali Yuga and kill Mamta. O Lord of Tulsidas! Protect the refugee.
After lovingly describing the virtues of Shri Ramchandraji, Muni Naradji took the sea lord of Shobha in his heart and went to the place where Brahmalok is.

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