Nishadh doubts and caution ayodhyaakaand

Nishadh doubts and caution -Stayed on the arrow of the river Sai overnight, everyone left from there and all reached near Shringverpur. When Nishadraj heard all the news, he became sad and started thinking in his heart.

What is the reason that we are going to Bharat One, there is definitely some hypocrisy in the mind. If there was no malice in your mind, why have you taken the army together?
It is understood that by killing Sri Rama along with younger brother Laxman, I will rule the kingdom with happiness. Bharata did not place politics in his heart (did not consider politics). Then (earlier), there was a stigma, now we have to wash our hands from life.
Even if all the gods and demons gather together, there is no one to win Shri Ramji in the battle. What is the surprise that Bharat is doing? Poison vines never grow nectar!
Thinking this, Guh (Nishadraj) told his people that everyone should be careful. Take the boats in hand (in possession) and then sink them and stop all the ghats.
Get equipped and stop the ghats and get everyone to die (ie get ready to die fighting in the war with Bharata). I will fight (encounter) in front of Bharat (in the field) and will not let them cross the Ganges
Death in war, then the banks of Gangaji, the work of Shri Ramji and the fleeting body (whichever is destroyed), the brother and king of Bharat Shri Ramji (dying from his hand) and I am a lowly servant – great fortune brings such death.
I will fight in the battle for the work of Swami and make fourteen worlds bright with my fame. I will give up my life for Shri Raghunathji. In both my hands are the laddus of joy (that is, if won, I will get the fame of Ram sevak and if killed I will receive the daily service of Shri Ramji).
In the society of sages, who are not counted and who have no place among the devotees of Shri Ramji, he has lived in vain as the weight of the earth in the world. It is just an ax to cut the mother’s puberty tree.
(Thus by deciding to surrender his life to Shri Ramji) Nishad Raj became devoid of grief and by prompting everyone and remembering Shri Ramchandraji, he immediately asked for a tarkas, bow and armor.
(He said-) O brothers! Hurry up and decorate everything. No one should bring cowardice in mind after listening to my orders. Everyone spoke with joy – O Nath! Very good and start boosting each other’s passion.
After consulting Nishad Raj, everyone went to Nishad. All are great knights and they love to fight in the war. Remembering the shoes of Shri Ramachandraji’s stepkamalas, he tied bhathiyan (small tarkas) and climbed upwards on the archers (small bows).\\\
Wearing armor, he puts an iron hat on the head and is straightening (improving) the furs, spears and spears. Someone is very skilled at stopping the sword blows. They are filled with excitement as if leaving the earth and jumping in the sky.
After making his own Saja-Samaj (munitions and contingents), he went and encouraged Nishadraj Guh. Seeing the beautiful warriors, Nishadraj honored everyone and took the name and respected everyone.
(He said-) O, brothers! Do not be deceived (that is, do not panic by dying), today I have a heavy job. Hearing this, all the warriors shouted with great enthusiasm – O brave! Do not be impatient.
Hey Nath! With the brilliance of Shri Ramchandraji and with your strength, we will make Bharata’s army without valor and without a horse (killing one horse and one horse each). Jeet ji will not put feet behind. We will make the earth rougher (will cover the ends and torso).
Seeing a good team of heroes, Nishadraj said- play the dhujaru (fight) drum. Sneezing left as soon as he said this. Shakun thinkers said that the fields are beautiful (will win).
One old thought after thinking Shakun- Meet Bharat, there will be no fight with him. Bharat is going to celebrate Shri Ramchandraji. Shakun is saying that there is no opposition.
So O Hero! You guys gather and stop all the ghats, I go and meet Bharatji and take his distinction. Knowing whether his friend is friend or enemy or indifferent, then he will come and arrange (accordingly).
So I will recognize his affection by his beautiful nature. Hatred and love do not hide. Having said that, he started decorating the items of the offering. He asked for tubers, origin, fruits, birds and deer.
The Kahar people brought a load of old and thick-clad fish. If you go to meet the decorated with the gift of the meeting, then you will get the auspicious occasion.
Nishadraj, after seeing Muniraj Vashisthaji, told his name and bowed prostrately from afar. Munishwar Vashisthaji blessed him with the love of Rama and explained to Bharatji (saying that he is a friend of Shri Ramji).
So This is the friend of Shri Rama, Bharatji gave up the chariot on hearing this. Because They descended from the chariot and walked in love.  So Nishadraj Guh preached on the earth by reciting his village, caste and name.

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