On the way to Bharatji Chitrakoot

On the way to Bharatji Chitrakoot

Because On the way to Bharatji Chitrakoot

In this way, Bharatji is going on the road. On seeing his (Premamayi) condition, sages and siddhas also help. Whenever Bharatji takes long breath by saying ‘Ram’, then it is as if love thrives all around.

Listening to his (full of love and lowliness) vows and stones also melt. Ayodhya residents do not become called love. Bharatji came to the banks of Yamunaji, residing in the middle. Seeing the water of Yamunaji, water filled his eyes.

Seeing the beautiful water of Shri Raghunathji (Shyam) colored, Bharatji (with a feverish love) rode in the sea of ​​Shri Ramji in a sea of ​​drowning prudence (ie, seeing Shyamvarn water of Yamunaji, everyone in love of Shyamvarna God Fearing and not finding him, he suffered from agonizing agony, then Bharatji came to notice that he would be able to see him in a hurry, he was again excited by this conscience).

Resided on the banks of Yamunaji that day. Beautiful arrangements were made for everyone (food and drink) at the time (after getting the sign of Nishad Raj). At night, many boats came down to the ghat, which cannot be described.

Everyone crossed in the same camp in the morning and were satisfied with this service of Nishadraj, the friend of Shri Ramchandraji. Then after taking bath and head to the river, the two brothers went with Nishadraj.

There are great monks on good rides ahead, the whole royal family is going after them. After that, both the brothers are walking with very plain clothes and clothes.

He is accompanied by sons of servant, friend and minister. Laxman, Sitaaji and Shri Raghunathji are being remembereing. Wherever Shri Ramji had resided and rested, there he bowed with love.

Hearing this, men and women living on the road leave home and work and run, and seeing their form (beauty) and love, they all rejoice in the fruits of being born.

The women of the villages tell each other affectionately- Sakhi! Is he Ram or Lakshmana or not? Hey friend! Their condition, body and appearance are the same. Modesty and affection are similar to them and the move is similar to them.On seeing Bharatji. including younger brother Shatrughan, all of us also came in the count of blessed women (Badbhagini). In this way, women regretting hearing Bharati’s virtues and seeing their condition and saying – This son is not worthy of mother like Kaikeyi.


But friend! Neither is he a Vesha (vulcanist wearing a gun), nor is Sita ji, and the Chaturangini army is going ahead of them. Then their faces are not happy, they are sorry. Hey friend! Due to this distinction there is doubt.

Her argument (Tipi) liked other women. Everybody says that there is no Sayani (clever) like this. By appreciating her and ‘Your voice is true’ thus honoring her, another woman said sweet words.

Saying all the Kathaprasang lovingly as the joy of Shri Ramji’s coronation was dissolved, then she started appreciating the modesty, affection and nature of the lucky lady Shri Bharatji.

(She said-) Look, these are leaving Bharatiya father’s kingdom and going to persuade Shri Ramji on foot and doing foliage. Who is like them today?

The brotherhood, devotion and conduct of Bharatji is going to defeat sorrows and defects by saying and listening. Hey friend! Whatever is said about them, it is a little. Why should not Shri Ramchandraji’s brother be like this?

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On seeing Bharatji, including younger brother Shatrughan, all of us also came in the count of blessed women (Badbhagini). In this way, women regretting hearing Bharati’s virtues and seeing their condition and saying – This son is not worthy of mother like Kaikeyi.

Some say – there is no fault of the queen in this. It is the creator who has done all this. Wherever we are inferior to the method (decorum) of both folk and Vedas, filthy women despised by both clan and handiwork.

Those who live in bad country (wild region) and bad village and (even among women) are lowly women! And where did these great virtues result in his philosophy! The same joy and wonder is happening in every village. As if the Kalpavriksha has grown in the desert.

Seeing the nature of Bharatji, the fate of the people living on the way was revealed! It is as if pilgrimage of pilgrimage has become accessible to the settlers of Sinhala Dweep.

(Thus) listening to the story of Shri Ramchandraji’s qualities with his qualities and remembering Shri Raghunathji, Bharati is going away. They salute after seeing the pilgrimage bath and the ashram of the sages and the temple of the gods.

Nishadh doubts and caution ayodhyaakaand

And the mind itself asks for the boon that there should be love in the lotus feet of Shri Sita-Ramji. On the way, Bhil, Kol, etc. are forest dwellers and Vanaprastha, Brahmachari, Saints and Virakta are found.

Which of them salutes him and asks, in which forest are Lakshmanji, Shri Ramji and Jankiji? They tell all the news of God and see Bharatji and get the result of birth.

Those who say that we have seen them efficiently, consider them as dear as Shri Ram-Laxman. Because Thus, we ask the most beautiful voice and listen to the story of exile of Shri Ramji.

Staying there that day and remembering Shri Raghunathji in the morning on the second day, went away. All the people along with him have the same longing to see Shri Ramji as Bharati.

Everybody is feeling good Those who give pleasure (right of men and left of women) are tearing the eyes and arms. Bharatji, including the society, is excited that Shri Ramchandraji will meet and the sorrow of sorrow will disappear.

Whosoever is in his heart, he desires the same. All are moving away from affectionate wines (drunken in love). The limbs are relaxeing, the feet are wavering along the way, and speaking feverish words with love.

At the same time, Ramsakha Nishadraj showed a natural beauty of the mountain, Kamadgiri, near which the two brothers, including Sitaji, reside on the banks of the Payaswini river.

Everybody looking at that mountain ‘Janki Jeevan hail Shri Ramchandraji.’ Saying this, we bow with obeisance. Rajsamaj is so engrosseing in love as if Shri Raghunathji has returned to Ayodhya.

So The love that Bharatji had at that time, even Seshaji cannot say. Because For the poet, he is the same as the Brahmanand for human beings, ego and mumma!

Everyone was able to walk only till sunset (during the day) due to the laxness of Shri Ramchandraji’s love and after staying near the place of water, he remained there at night (without eating or drinking).So  At the end of the night, Shri Raghunathji’s lover Bharatji went ahead.

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