Onward departure of Shri Ramji, Viradha slaughter and sharabhang affair

Shree Ramji Forest, the lord of gods, humans, and sages, walked head to head in the lotus feet of the monkey. Next is Shri Ramji and behind him is younger brother Laxmanji. Both of them are very beautiful to make a beautiful dress of monks.

How graceful is Shri Jankiji between the two, as if there is maya between Brahma and Jiva. The rivers, forests, mountains and inaccessible valleys all recognize their lord and give them a beautiful path.
Wherever Dev goes to Shri Raghunathji, there clouds cloud in the sky. On the way, Viradha found a demon. Shri Raghunathji killed him as soon as he came in front.
(As soon as he dies at the hands of Shri Ramji) he immediately attains the beautiful (divine) form. Seeing grief, the Lord sent him to his supreme abode. Then he came there with beautiful younger brother Laxmanji and Sitaji where Muni Sharabhangji was.
Seeing the face of Shri Ramchandraji, the eyebrows of Munishreshtha are respectfully drinking her (Makaranda Ras). Blessed is the birth of Sharabhangji.
Muni said- O compassionate Raghuveer! O flamingos of Mansarovar as Shankar ji! Listen, I was going to Brahmaloka. Heard with ears that Shri Ramji will come into the forest.
Since then I have been looking for you day and night. Now (today) upon seeing God, my chest became cold. Hey Nath! I am inferior to all means. Knowing your humble servant, you have blessed me.
Hey, God! This is not my favor to you. O devotee, manchor! By doing this, you have protected your vow. Now stay here for the welfare of this poor, till I leave my body and meet you (not in your abode).
Yoga, yagya, chanting, penance, whatever fast the sage had done, all surrendered to God and took the gift of devotion in return. In this way (after receiving rare devotion), by creating a pyre, Muni Sharabhangji left all attachment from the heart and sat on it.
O Lord Shri Ramji, who has a dark body like a blue cloud! Prabhu (you) including Sitaji and younger brother Laxmanji reside in my heart continuously.
A woman is unholy from birth, but by serving her husband she involuntarily gains good speed. (Due to Pativrat Dharma) Even today, ‘Tulsi’ is dear to God and the four Vedas sing his glory.
Saying this, Sharabhangji burnt his body with yogagni and with the grace of Shri Ramji, he went to Vaikuntha. Muni did not get absorbed in God because he had already taken the boon of divination.
Seeing this (rare) movement of the sage group sage Shrestha Bungi, he became especially happy in his heart. All the monkeys are praising (and saying) Shri Ramji, Hail to the refugee benevolent Karuna Kand (the root of compassion) Lord!
Then Shri Raghunathji went further into the forest. Many groups of superior monks joined him. Seeing the pile of bones, Shri Raghunath Ji took great pity, he asked the sages.
(The sages said) O, master! You are omniscient (omniscient) and Antaryami (the knower of everyone’s heart). Knowing how (like the unknown) is asking us? Parties of demons have consumed all the sages. (These are all piles of bones). On hearing this, there was water in Shri Raghuveer’s eyes (tears of compassion came in his eyes).

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